Muslims prepare for weekend of anti-Islam protests

The Washington Post

Muslim leaders and anti-bigotry activists are girding for a weekend of protests — some billed as “open-carry events” — by groups known for their anti-Muslim views.

“We’ve never had this many events at once targeting mosques in this kind of national way,” said Heidi Beirich, who tracks hate groups at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Organizers, who are calling for protests on Friday and Saturday (Oct. 9 and 10), are billing the events as the “Global Rally for Humanity.” Beirich describes the protesters as a loose affiliation of anti-Muslim extremists who do not seem to be organized by larger, better-known anti-Muslim groups, such as Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative.

“This mix of racist groups, anti-Muslim groups and anti-government groups is basically a recipe for disaster,” Beirich said.

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What is interesting in this reporting is how they are quick to point out that the open carry events are put on by organizations with supposed anti-Muslim views, but fail to mention that the Southern Poverty Law Center is entangled in influence of government agencies to demonize veterans, patriot groups, and Constitutionalists. The group has even given seminars to local police departments and federal agencies that have demonized the founding fathers. Where is the truth and fairness in this “journalism”? – OP


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