Outcry over influx of asylum seekers to English village

via Yahoo News

LONGFORD (United Kingdom) (AFP) – An influx of Channel-crossing asylum seekers into a tiny English village has become a tension point in the migration crisis as a surge of people flee war and poverty to Britain.

The migrants, many of whom were previously living in the tent camp in Calais, are bussed into the hamlet of Longford to be temporarily housed at the Heathrow Lodge and in surrounding houses used by the hotel.

Home to a few hundred locals, the villagers see the steady arrival as just the latest encroachment.

Once surrounded by farms and orchards, the vast car parks and hotels of Heathrow Airport now border Longford and planes roar overhead, seeming close enough to scrape the chimneys of the thatched cottages.

A planned extension to Heathrow, already one of the world’s busiest airports, threatens Longford with the same fate that befell the small village that gave the airport its name: total demolition.

In the meantime, dozens of asylum seekers have made Longford their temporary home.

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