Flooding in Texas Shuts Down Major Highways, Strands Drivers

The Weather Channel

Heavy flooding in North and Central Texas caused major headaches across the state Saturday morning, as floodwaters inundated roads, stranded drivers and prompted an elevation of the state’s emergency operations center.

A person was reportedly swept away by floodwaters into a drainage ditch in San Antonio early Saturday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

Several vehicles were stalled and traffic backed up for 12 miles after Interstate 45 flooded in North Texas, ABC13 reported. Emergency crews worked to help those who were stuck in the rising waters.

Northbound I-35 in central Texas was shut down by officials late Friday morning, KWTX-TV reports. At mile marker 353, the roadway was submerged underneath about two feet of water.

Law enforcement agencies in Waco received reports of people trapped inside of vehicles stranded in high water, and there were scattered reports of limited power outages throughout the region.

In West Texas, runoff washed away a mobile home. No one was home, so no one was hurt.

Flood waters swallowed up an ambulance in Odessa and prompted at least 30 swift-water rescues in the area.

The fast-moving rain storm swamped low-lying streets in Dallas, forcing some drivers to wade through several feet of water.

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I woke up this morning and stepped out on my porch for the first smoke. At that point, everything was wet, but it wasn’t raining all that hard (it’s been raining here the last couple of days). Then the bottom fell out of the sky and there is currently about an inch of water just sitting in my yard, with more coming down even now. If you live in Texas, stay safe. – OP


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