The Setup Is Complete – Are We Now Watching Armageddon Prophecy Unfolding? Federal LEO Warns Of Possible Ebola Break Out In America Brought In By ISIS aka Syrian Refugees

All News Pipeline

According to this new story from Pravda, Russia and NATO are now ready for a confrontation and as we look closely at events unfolding all around us, we can clearly see that ‘the setup is complete’ and the only thing remaining is the spark to light the fire. Will that spark be a major false flag in America as argued below? While the nation of Syria is in the spotlight for good reason, the spark that completes America’s enslavement could turn out to be something totally different as we read in the new SQAlert republished below.

As succinctly pointed out in this interesting story from Conspiracy Outpost, with a major proxy war being fought in Syria right now and Russia and the US seemingly on the verge of showdown, all it will likely take is one incident that could quickly spark World War 3, leaving hundreds of millions of innocent American and Russian citizens incinerated in the process. With Vladimir Putin recently warning that we are now closer to global war than ever, we take a look at what could be ‘armageddon’ prophecy unfolding with videos below from the X22Report as well as ExplorerOne who asks if we are watching Biblical warnings coming true.

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