Facebook accused of ‘secretly lobbying’ for cyber bill

The Hill

Facebook is “secretly lobbying” for a major cyber bill set for a final Senate vote Tuesday despite growing opposition to the bill among tech companies, according to a digital rights advocacy group fighting against the measure.

Facebook has told “several offices on the Hill” that they support the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), stated a release from Fight for the Future, the advocacy group. The bill would encourage companies to share more data on hacking threats with the government.

“Facebook lobbyists are working behind the scenes to get it passed,” the group said, without revealing its source for the information.

A Facebook representative denounced the reports, calling them inaccurate and clarifying, “We have not advocated publilcy or privately for CISA.”

As a voluntary bill, CISA would not require Facebook to participate in the measure’s info-sharing provisions, and the social media company has indicated it is unlikely to do so.

CISA has drawn the ire of privacy advocates and a growing number of tech companies, who argue the measure could incentivize companies to hand over large swaths of Americans’ private data to the government.

But many industry groups, a large bipartisan coalition of lawmakers and the White House believe CISA is a needed first step to help better understand and repel the overseas cyberattacks plaguing both government and the private sector.

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