Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Speaker John Boehner is pressing ahead with one last deal as he heads for the exits, pushing to finalize a far-reaching, two-year budget agreement with President Barack Obama before handing Congress’ top job over to Paul Ryan this week, congressional officials said Monday.

The budget pact, in concert with a must-pass increase in the federal borrowing limit, would solve the thorniest issues awaiting Ryan, who is set to be elected speaker on Thursday. It would also take budget showdowns and government shutdown fights off the table until after the 2016 presidential election, a potential boon to Republican candidates who might otherwise face uncomfortable questions about messes in the GOP-led Congress.

Congress must raise the federal borrowing limit by Nov. 3 or risk a first-ever default, while money to pay for government operations runs out Dec. 11 unless Congress acts. The emerging framework would give both the Pentagon and domestic agencies two years of budget relief in exchange for cuts elsewhere in the budget.

The measure under discussion would suspend the current $18.1 trillion debt limit through March 2017. After that it would be reset by the Treasury Department to reflect borrowing over that time.

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Some of the wording in this article is troublesome for me. “Congress MUST raise the federal borrowing limit…” is of particular note. This is one last middle finger to the American people on the part of Boehner, who has been nothing but a stooge for Obama throughout his speakership. Both of these men, along with anyone else that votes for this measure should be taken up on charges of treason. Instead of pushing the eventual repossession of the United States on the part of the Federal Reserve down the road, they should be taking steps in order to limit and cut spending, thus bringing the beast to bay and truly making sounds fiscal decisions. This piece by the Associated Press is nothing but economic propaganda. – OP


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