Have You Noticed People Around You Are Changing? There Is A Reason…..

All News Pipeline

Keen-eyed ANP readers have noticed what many others are noticing across the country…. people are changing, becoming more violent, angered at the smallest things and acting in a manner that is not consistent with their normal personalities.


An example from just this morning, via the ANP comment section is shown below:

clockwork angel –  Not meaning to get away from the article …sitting here at work fri morning at 7:09–99% of call coming in are people either screaming, threatening, swearing and just plain acting evil over something so stupid …a newspaper its not the price or the articles but simple crap like “my paper wasnt exactly where i want it delivered ‘next to the purple frog on the right side of the hanging plant ” im sure you people get the drift of it …some of the employees are so upset some are ready to either walk or quit . seems like over the past couple months I have seen and heard people becoming so angry and violent over the smallest of things ..in the grocery store, over the phone, on the road, in public, over a parking spaces so on and so on…some one please tell me what is going on so I dont start loosing it.

Undrtaker – You know……. I have noticed that same exact thing…. Getting all worked up over nothing….

The last example of what we are seeing more and more of comes from an October 9, 2015 ANP article where commenters related how their own neighbors have “changed.”

tinfoilhatttt – I’m a 64 year old guy and that STILL happens to me a lot. In the last 2 months I’ve had a neighbor of 15+ years [with whom I’ve always gotten along just fine] serve a letter from her attorney on me out of a clear blue sky warning me not to trespass on a driveway which we own 50/50, and ANOTHER neighbor begin to complain about excessive noise from my wife and dogs [we live 10 miles from town] when nothing had changed.

Yet another neighbor up up the hill who used to always wave has begun speeding through my property [gravel county road bisects my land] since I became friends with HIS neighbor with whom he has had an ongoing feud over a woman…

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