Two sheriff’s deputies are on paid administrative leave after a tragic string of incidents led deputies to exchange fire with a prominent Idaho rancher, killing him.

Around 7pm last night, a Subaru station wagon collided with one of 62-year-old Council rancher Jack Yantis’ bulls, injuring the driver and passenger.

First responders reportedly attempted to free the passengers from the wreckage, but Yantis’ bull by that time was aggravated.

“The bull was very agitated and was aggressive to emergency services, as well as the other cars coming up and down the highway,” Adams County Sheriff Ryan Zollman told KTVB.

“Zollman said dispatchers had called Yantis after the crash, telling him that the bull that was hit appeared to be his, and was down on the highway near his house,” KTVB reports.

As deputies prepared to put the bull down, Yantis “arrived on the scene with a rifle,” according to KTVB.

Zollman says police are still investigating the following set of events, but claims there was a confrontation between two deputies and the rancher in which they all fired their weapons.

After the smoke cleared, one deputy suffered a minor injury, but Yantis’ wounds were fatal.

Upon learning news of her husband’s death, Yantis’ wife, Donna, reportedly suffered a heart attack and was flown to the regional hospital two hours away in Boise. She was in critical condition as of Monday afternoon, according to the Idaho Statesman.

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