Prepare To Bug Out Fast And Destroy All Electronic Devices – Tag And Bag Technology Makes You A Sitting Duck For Round-Up Or Extermination All Depending on What ‘List’ You Are On

All News Pipeline

New technological “advancements” show how easily we have all been set up to be tagged and bagged, led like sheep to our own slaughter, manipulated and controlled by our very own government.

At All News PipeLine we have extensively covered preparation and survival in the case of a major catastrophe, whether it is weather related, a solar event, an attack on U.S. soil, a cyber attack against infrastructure, or an economic collapse – and we have highlighted the recent slew of mainstream media articles pointing towards an expected EMP event, but while researching this article I have come to the conclusion that for those prepping, for survivalists, an EMP may actually be the one event that saves your lives.

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