Black UNC activists take over community meeting, issue lengthy list of demands

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Black Lives Matter students at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill recently commandeered a town hall meeting to read off a list of 50 bizarre demands, from free education for all to the abolition of the school’s police forces.

ABC 11 reports a mob of UNC Black Lives Matter students descended on a town hall meeting Thursday called to discuss race relations and condemned the “unethical institution” for its treatment of minorities, and demand action from university officials.

But other students who attended the meeting to engage in a respectable conversation about issue didn’t appreciate their classmates’ tactics, and bemoaned the stunt as a waste of time.

“I don’t think you should be making demands if they’re not feasible,” UNC student Diamonde Henderson told the news site, adding that the group ate up an hour of the two-hour forum reading off the demands. “The purpose of it was so everyone could share all of their ideas.”

Instead, those in attendance got a mouthful from a belligerent throng of several dozen Black Lives Matter protesters, who dressed in black and chanted “We comin, we ready” while banging drums and toting signs.

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