Poll Watch: Democrats, Even Clinton Supporters, Warm to Socialism

The New York Times

Senator Bernie Sanders’s speech on Thursday explaining his democratic socialist ideology carried little risk among supporters and other Democrats: A solid majority of them have a positive impression of socialism, according to aNew York Times/CBS News poll released this month.

Fifty-six percent of those Democratic primary voters questioned said they felt positive about socialism as a governing philosophy, versus 29 percent who took a negative view.

In an address Thursday afternoon at Georgetown University, Mr. Sanders argued that the redistribution of wealth was at the heart of the American social contract, seeking to link himself with the legacies of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The applause he drew should come as little surprise: Sixty-nine percent of Sanders supporters see socialism in a positive light, versus just 21 percent who view it negatively.

Even most of those supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic nomination approve of socialism, 52 percent to 32 percent.

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If you would have told me in the early 90s that such substantial change would happen in this country and so many people would embrace socialism and blindly think that it could be a viable form of government, I would have told you that you were crazy. It’s the direct result of a lack of education of the outcome historically every time that socialism has been adopted and the deliberate dumbing-down of our entire society, but young people in particular. And they openly talk about it now, whereas that used to be relegated to the “vast right wing conspiracy” that Hilary Clinton loves to speak of. It’s outrageous….-OP


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  1. I’m not terribly sure if Sanders is a socialist, as the term is understood by most, especially in Europe. He has some good ideas, that I share too, but I would say he is rather too reformist, too soft and generally more liberal than revolutionary to be described as socialist in the broad sense of the word. Kshama Sawant is much more representative of socialism i.e. empowering workers, direct action etc.


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