#WhiteLivesDontMatter: Indianapolis Police Forced To Beg For Help To Solve Murder of Pastor’s Pregnant (White) Wife

V Dare



Amanda Blackburn was perhaps the ultimate example of someone that a civilized society is supposed to cherish and protect—the mother of a one-year old son, the wife of a pastor, and 12 weeks pregnant. But in the Indianapolis of 2015, Blackburn was murdered in her own home when her husband Davey was out for a morning workout. He returned to find his wife shot in the head (though his son was mercifully unharmed). And, rather than being besieged with tips from a grief-stricken community, Indianapolis police are being forced to beg for help from people more willing to protect the murderer of a woman whose White Life, apparently, Doesn’t Matter.


(Breaking news: no fewer than four “suspects” are being detained for questioning, but no arrests have been made. Curiously, the Indianapolis police have made contradictory statements about whether Blackburn was sexually assaulted [Four suspects being questioned in connection to death of Amanda Blackburn, ABC 6, November 19, 2015]).

In an oddly-defensive press conference after the murder, the leaders of Indianapolis’s police department (which has a black chief) were forced to acknowledge issues of “community trust,” recycle Martin Luther King Jr.’s quote that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” and plead for a halt to the prejudice against “snitching” so that people with information about Amanda’s murder could come forward. A black “community advocate”, Rev. Charles Harrison, was brought forward to condemn the “code of silence in our streets.” And, even while insisting that police would eventually hunt down the killer, Sheriff John Layton (who is white) wearily confessed the fight against crime in Indianapolis is “not progressing well” [End ‘snitching,’ help find Blackburn’s killer, by Matt McKinney and Mike Pelton, RTV 6, November 16, 2015].


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