Hear the Watchmen Conference


Conference and Revival

March 18-20, 2016

Hilton DFW Lakes

Dallas, Texas



Doug and Joe Hagmann

Doug and Joe host the popular Hagmann and Hagmann Report which airs Monday through Friday from 7:00 to 10:00 pm EST.  To read more about Doug and Joe or to listen to their show click here


John B. Wells

John is the leader of Caravan to Midnight.Actor, musician, writer, investigative journalist, composer, martial artist, aviator and broadcaster, John B. Wells finds the ancient sage advice of “concentrating on just one thing” to be true. His one thing: The Arts. Click Here for more on John



Pastor David Lankford

David Lankford is a servant of the Lord, scriptorian, dynamic preacher and excellent speaker. He is the host of “The Voice of Evangelism,” an international radio prog.  For more on Pastor Lankford please click here


Reverend Flip Benham

Flip leads by example, having spent time in jail for the cause of Christ in Wichita, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Orlando, Lynchburg and Washington D.C. Flip always preaches Jesus Christ as our Savior.


Coach Dave Daubenmire 

Dave Daubenmire, a veteran 35 year high school football coach, was spurred to action when sued by the ACLU for mixing prayer with coaching.  He founded Pass the Salt Ministries and is now on God’s Team full time.  For more on Coach please click here


Gregg Jackson

Gregg Jackson is the national best-selling author of “40 Thing to Teach Your Children Before You Die” and former radio host on WRKO in Boston and KDAR in Los Angeles,  To learn more please click here



Jon Robberson

Jon is one of the few Hollywood Insiders for Christ. He is currently authoring a book by the name of “All Roads Lead to Babylon”. Jon is a regular guest on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report.


L. A. Marzulli

L.A. is an author, lecturer and film maker.  He has penned eight books including The Nephilim Trilogy which made the CBA best sellers list.L. A. Marzulli teamed up with film producer Richard Shaw to create The Watchers series.

To see more click HERE  


Michael Boldea, Jr.

Mike Boldea was born in a small northern Romanian Village.   At the age of nine, his entire family was deported from Romania for smuggling Bibles.  His grandfather, Dumitru Duduman started an outreach ministry called “Hand of Help” of which Mike is now Chairman.

To learn more click HERE


Paul McGuire

To learn more click HERE


Russ Dizdar

To learn more click HERE


Pastor Billy Crone

(Pastor Crone’s website is currently down. It will be added soon)


For more information, to buy tickets, or to donate so that others may attend, please visit the Hear the Watchmen webpage.

Please also help us bring a Veteran in need to the event by making a donation of any amount you can to our effort by clicking HERE.   So far we have been able to raise enough money to bring two Disabled Veterans or Currently Serving Heros to receive the Blessings of Christ to Dallas.  There are so many more!!!  What a better way to celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving and what a better way of saying “Thank you” to them for our freedom.


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