All Glory is Fleeting – The Demise of the Warrior Ethos

US Defense Watch

The current situation in the world can only be described as precarious. ISIS and radical jihadis are wreaking havoc across the globe. Old allies are frustrated with a complete lack of US leadership and old enemies like Russia are on the move.

We’ve gone from the days in 1989, where Ronald Reagan was told, “the world is quiet” during his last days in office, to “the world is on fire.” Coupled with this, is the state of the US military, which is reeling from readiness, budget and social issues. Added to the military’s problems is what I call, “the demise of the warrior ethos” itself inside the US military.

Across the four services: the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Marines, the warrior is an endangered species, traversing slowly and cautiously through the hallways of the Pentagon as politically correct social engineer hunters seek to destroy it.

The demise of the warrior ethos really began in the 1990’s with the Clinton Administration. But, the changes that they wished to implement were miniscule compared to the onslaught of social engineering that has taken place under the Obama White House.

The US military has slowly become a corporation that provides cool uniforms, travel and a boatload of benefits.

How many people actually join the military because they love the military and history and want to be warriors? Oh, there are some out there, but the percent is small and getting smaller.

Instead, the military has become some kind of Swedish neighborhood co-op with something for everyone.

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