France’s Top Weatherman Hired By Kremlin After Being Fired For Questioning Global Warming

The Daily Caller

France’s top weatherman has found a new gig after being fired in November for questioning global warming in his new book: he’s working for Russian state-owned media.

French news outlet Le Figaro reports Philippe Verdier is covering the United Nations climate summit in Paris for Russia Today France. Verdier has a daily news segment dedicated to covering what goes on during the U.N. climate talks.

“Hello I am very happy to talk to you about the daily COP21 … in freedom,” Verdier said in his first segment on Russia Today, according to a translation by The Daily Caller News Foundation, clearly taking a swipe at the French media for firing him.
“The climate is a perfect occasion to end the year on a high note and get away from topics that will make people angry,” Verdier said, taking a shot at French President Francois Hollande, “like the rising unemployment where the latest results are very bad.”

Verdier, the former head of France 2’s weather service, was fired early last month after publishing a book questioning the global warming narrative being pushed by environmentalists and politicians.

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