Military Drills East Coast To West Coast In December – Why Do US Military Drills Label US Cities As ‘Targets’ And Is Our Military Preparing For World War 3 To Be Fought Upon American Soil?

All News Pipeline


Despite the fact that the world is moving quickly towards World War 3 and potential nuclear annihilation with hostilities in the Middle East and Europe now running at a fever pitch, a number of military drills will be happening all across America in December of 2015 as shared in the video below from Spiro.

Our videographer outlines the multiple large-scale drills that will be taking place nationwide this month, from the East coast to the West and from the South to the Northern Plains. As previously reported on ANP, our military has been getting ready for something huge and if hostilities turn global, they may be preparing for a World War 3 which Russia warned long ago would be fought upon US soil.

Fox10 in Phoenix tells us about increased air activity in early December near the Glendale base in southwestern Arizona where thearmed forces of Singapore will be training with US troops from December 1st through the 13th. We’re told the exercises will include movements of military vehicles on state route 85 as ‘personnel position themselves within the range’.

Why are we doing military exercises with Singapore in America? Is this more proof that a ‘global military’ is being established to protect the global government that’s now unfolding? With US politicians pushing once again for ‘gun control’ we have to ask if troops from Singapore are training to take away Americans guns after Barack Obama recently said ‘enough is enough’? We know that ‘global government’ is pushing to disarm Americans.


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