Obama’s ISIS Policies Leading To The Overthrow Of America As ‘Immigrant Invasion’ Threatens To Topple Western Society Once And For All! Is This How It’s Going To Happen?

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With the US government now treating illegal aliens and refugees/immigrants in America as ‘untouchables’ while spying upon and throwing the book at Americans like never before, Alex Jones of Infowars breaks down Barack Obama’s ‘quarterbacking’ of the ISIS invasion of America in the 3rd video below while in the 2nd video below from the Next News Network, we learn from a former director of the CIA that Obama’s ‘real’ ISIS policies are leading to disaster for America.

We also take a look below at a warning from Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert and a Steve Quayle alert from a reader who tells us how Barack Obama’s ISIS policies could soon lead to both the overthrow of America and the deaths of millions of law-abiding Americans if this warning is true. You can hear Texas Congressman Gohmert in the 1st video below telling us the cold hard facts;Barack Obama’s policies have led to an uncountable number of terrorists getting into our country.

Gohmert is on fire in this video and anyone who doesn’t believe that Americans are in grave danger due to the Obama administrations policies needs to hear what this Texas Congressman has to say. Much more below video.

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