Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary

In the News for 30 December, 2015


The State

House Intel Committee Looks Into Eavesdropping on Congress – Politico

US Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress – Wall Street Journal

Supreme Court to Decide Politically Charged Cases in 2016 – Duluth News Tribune

Study: 2015 Was Record Year for Federal Regulation – The Hill

Militiamen, Ranchers in Showdown for Soul of Burns – The Oregonian 

China Controls Dissidents Abroad through Relative Back Home – via Yahoo News

Lessons from Wounded Knee – Infowars

California Gun Law will Allow Police to Confiscate Legally-Owned Weapons – Daily Caller 

Democrat Calls for Surtax on the American People to Pay for War on the Islamic State – Infowars

Martial Law: “This is not battle training, this is riot control” – SHTFPlan

Bigger Than Bundy Standoff: Armed Militia on High Alert as Feds Label Oregon Ranchers “Terrorists” – Investment Watch

Why Globalists Still Retain the Upper Hand – Financial Times


Islamic Invasion of 2015

Man Charged with Setting Houston Mosque Fire Was Devout Attendee – Houston Chronicle

Agents Nab Pakistanis with Terror Connections Crossing US Border – The Washington Times

German Police Covers Up Migrant Crime to Avoid Public Alarm, Claims Bild – Daily Mail

ISIS Plotting to Slaughter Thousands in 2016 in Bid to Spark Huge Final Battle with the West – Express

Iraqi Commander Claims US Secretly Evacuated ISIS Leaders to Safety – Infowars

Turkey Supports ISIS, Wants to Revive Ottoman Empire – Syria’s UN Envoy – RT

Sweden: Rapes, Acquittals, and Severed Heads – Gatestone Institute




Financial Armageddon Approaches: US Banks Have 247 Trillion Dollars of Exposure to Derivatives – Economic Collapse

The Global Economic Collapse is Happening As You Read These Words – The Common Sense Show

“Mad Max” in Washington DC: Thousands Report Terror Event in Washington DC You May Never Have Heard Of! – All News Pipeline

The Catastrophic Effect of Bail-Ins – Zero Hedge


Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

Powerful Solar Storm to Hit Earth Before New Year’s Eve – ABC News



CERN Graviton Opens Door to Multiple Universe, Space-Time, & Bottomless Pit – Investment Watch

All Flesh to be Corrupted Again, Both Man and Beast: Open Season Begins in Gene Editing of Animals As Earth Returns to Days of Noah – Skywatch TV

Petrus Romanus Ramps Up Vatican’s New Position that not only Orthodox Jews, but All Persons Who Reject Jesus Christ Will Go to Heaven, as long as They Dismiss The Son of God with a Good Conscious – Skywatch TV

Tom Horn: Multiple Antichrist Prophecies Are Coming to a Head – Charisma News




How to Delete Your Personal Info From the Internet – MassPrivatel



Vaccines and Retroviruses: A Whistleblower Reveals What the Government is Hiding – Health Impact News




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