Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary

Outlaw Patriot

In The News for 31 December, 2015

The State

Obama’s Agency Reveals Plan to Give Work Permits to Myriad Foreign College Graduates – Breitbart

Obama’s New Immigration Plan Offers Work Permits to Foreigners Slated for Deportation – Breitbart

DHS Plans New Year’s Eve Present for Millions of Foreign Workers – Washington Examiner

All You Americans Are Fired – Buzzfeed

Census Bureau Says International Migration Adds One Person to the US Population Every 29 Seconds – Washington Times

State Department Breaks Judge’s Deadline on Clinton Emails – Washington Times

Obama Set to Unveil Curbs on Gun Sellers – Politico

“Mental” People Reported by Family Will be Forced to have a “Time Out, Surrender Their Weapons” – SHTFPlan

Grocery Store Defies Anti-Gun Movement, Welcomes Open Carry Shoppers – Infowars

Heavily Armed Anti-Terror Cops to Send Message on New Year’s Eve in Times Square – Infowars

Why Word War III is on the Horizon: “The Prospect of Armageddon Will Continue to Rise” – SHTFPlan

America’s Undeniable March Towards Civil War – The Common Sense Show

Dangerous: Marco Rubio Says First Thing He’ll Do As President Is Amend the Constitution – The Daily Sheeple

No Crime. No Trial. No Reason: The Precedent is Set for Gun Confiscations – The Daily Sheeple



Islamic Invasion of 2015

Merkel Warns Germans Against Hate in New Year’s Speech – Bloomberg

Amazon Donates Profits from Far-Right Anthem to Refugees – via Yahoo News

Bombshell Interview: Sy Hersh Exposes the Obama-ISIS Alliance – Inforwars

Expert: ISIS to Activate Hundreds of Sleeper Cells for the Final Battle with the West – All News Pipeline

Sarin Nerve Gas Attack Threat on New Year’s Eve Against New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington DC – SuperStation95



America is Being Destroyed by Problems that are Unaddressed – Infowars

As Bank Bail-Ins Begin, We Could All Soon Be In For A Big World of Hurt – All News Pipeline

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

We Will Someday Transform into Immortal Cyborgs, Claims Zoltan Istvan – Daily Mail


AP-NORC Poll: Online Surveillance is OK for Most – AP

Video Game Companies are Collecting Massive Amounts of Data About You – The Star



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