Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary 1 January, 2016

Outlaw Patriot

International Newsbluemarblewest

Kim Jong Un Says He’s Ready for War in New Year’s Speech – USA Today

Iran has More Missiles than It Can Hide: General – via Yahoo News

Erdogan Says Hitler’s Germany Exemplifies Effective Presidential System – via Yahoo News

The World is Racing to Build a Moon Base – Here’s What It Could Look Like – Mic.com

Swiss Army Chief Warns “Social Unrest Cannot be Ruled Out” – The Daily Sheeple

Russia’s National Security Strategy for 2016 in 9 Key Points – RT

Russia to Alter Military Strategy Towards NATO – BBC News


US Newsamerican-flag-2a2

More Than 1200 Clinton Emails Now Deemed Classified – Politico

Obama to Impose New Gun Control Curbs Next Week – Washington Post

Obama’s 2016 Wish List – CBS News

Clinton Emails: Billionaire Soros Said He Regretted Backing Obama – The Hill

Evacuations Continue in Missouri as 19 Levees Deemed “Highly Vulnerable to Flooding” – Accuweather

FTC Outlines Native Advertising Rules for Publishers – New York Post

Brownsville Resident Frustrated over Increased Border Activity – KRGV.com

State Department Kept Tabs on the Drudge Report, Emails Reveal – The Blaze

Farrakhan’s Warning About What Will Happen if Donald Trump Becomes President – And His Message About “The Character of Whites” That Follow Him – The Blaze

Feds to Open Massive Denver Facility for Up to 1000 Illegal Minors – Infowars

John Wayne’s Daughter Endorses Trump: “I am Humbly at your Service” – Infowars

Government Considering Banning Donald Trump – Infowars

Google Now Censoring Trump from Internet – Infowars

Political Correctness: The Art of Killing Free Speech – NorthWest Liberty News

Bombshell: Obama’s Policy in Syria is to Directly Support the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda – Intellihub

Obama Caught Smuggling in up to 100000 Refugees per Year in UPS Planes! – Before It’s News / The Last Great Stand


Islamic Invasion of 2016 / Terrorismblackflag6

Tel Aviv Shooting Leaves Two Dead After Gunman Opened Fire in Bar – Daily Mail

2015: The Year of Anti-Christian Jihad, “Christians are Allah’s Enemies!” – Breitbart

Swedish Society Collapsing Amid Horrific Crime Wave from Muslim Refugee Swarm – Now Trying to Stop Onslaught – The Conservative Treehouse


US Stocks Post Worst Annual Losses Since 2008 – Wall Street Journal

S&P 500 Sees First Annual Loss Since 2008 – Financial Times

Puerto Rico Default Just Start of Its Pain – CNBC

Saudis Face Fuel Price Jump Under New Austerity Plan – Financial Times

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic Newsthe-holy-cross-2a

Humans and AI Can Combine to Create Superintelligence – Daily Mail

Pray with Anne Today for One Hour – Preprayer for the New Year

Cash is Being Eradicated: Digital Payments Take Over Western World (Leading to Antichrist System?) – Skywatch TV

Hikers Flee After Encountering “Devil Tree” Burning from the Inside – Daily Mail

New Year’s Alert: Major CERN Update – They Opened the Sky – Freedom Fighter Times


Hope for Alzheimer’s Sufferers as First Vaccine is Tested on Humans – Daily Mail


Demand for Panic Rooms Growing – Simi Valley Acorn

The Damage has been Done and the Consequences will be Suffered: “Have a Healthy Storage of Food, Precious Metals, and Necessary Supplies” – SHTFPlan

US Veteran Warns Martial Law May Be Implemented City by City – All News Pipeline

2016 Will Bring Multiple False Flags, Gun Confiscations, Dissident Roundups, Financial Collapse and Martial Law  – The Common Sense Show




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