Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary 6 January 2016

Outlaw Patriot

International News

North Korea: We Now Have the H-Bomb of Justice – CNBC

North Korea Nuclear Test a Wake Up Call to the World – via Yahoo News

Swiss General Urges Citizens to Arm Themselves in Response to Social Unrest and Economic Decline – Infowars

US News

Update: 4.5 Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles – CNBC

Ex US Attorney: Clinton Two Months Away from Criminal Indictment – The Washington Examiner

Universities Hide Workforce of 100000+ H-1B Employees – Breitbart

Armed Oregon Occupier Warns FBI He’d Take Death Over Jail – NBC News

Are Climate Skeptics Too “Mentally Ill” to Buy Guns Under Obama’s New Rules? – MRC TV

The Rule of Law No Longer Exists in Western Civilization – Infowars

Bundy Militia Barricades Oregon Federal Building as Potential FBI Raid Looms – Infowars

Facebook Mentions: Insider Says Obama About to Unleash Hell – Infowars

Obama’s Crying Fuels Speculation It was Faked – Infowars

Americans Critical of Government Can Lose Gun Rights Due to Executive Order – Infowars

Behind Militia Lines: A Look Into the Oregon Standoff – Infowars

Report: RNC Will Consider Obama Impeachment Proceedings – Infowars

Explosive Interview: I Just Got Off the Phone with Ryan Bundy and You Won’t Believe What He Told Me! – SHTFPlan

The Real Story Behind the Hammond Ranch Affair – The Common Sense Show

Chuck Baldwin – Oregon Standoff – Helping or Hurting the Cause of Liberty? – All News Pipeline

Urgent Warning on OR Standoff: Military Special Op Assets Have Been Assigned for Standoff. Keep Women and Children Out of There – Oathkeepers

Military Special Ops En Route to Oregon for Possible Raid – Possible Agent Provocateur in Bundy Group – The Washington Standard

Islamic Invasion of 2016 / Terrorism

“Military Aged Men” at San Diego’s Southern Border – San Diego Reader

Exclusive: Inside IS Terror Weapons Lab – Sky News

The Secret, Hypocritical Gay World of ISIS – The Daily Beast

Pro-Refugee Mayor Defends Migrants After Mass Sexual Assault of German Women – Infowars

Germany in Shock After Monstrous Attacks, Rape by 1000 Men “of Arab or North African Origin” – Zero Hedge


New iPhone Feature Can Drive Bill Up – CBS Miami

Futures Trim Losses After Data; Dow Futures Still Off by Triple Digits – CNBC

China Escalates Emergency Stock Market Intervention – The Telegraph

Most Americans One Paycheck From the Street – Market Watch

Davos Goes All New Age-y This Year – The New York Post

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

The Reckoning Had Begun – Last Days, World on the Edge of Extinction – All News Pipeline

Vatican’s Chief Exorcist Fr. Gabrielle Amorth Hints Third Secret of Fatima Could be Fulfilled in Next 8 Months – Skywatch TV

In 2016, Petrus Romanus to Search Out Global Political Partner for International Agenda (Will They Become the False Prophet and Antichrist?) – Skywatch TV


Experts Warn Unprecedented Catastrophe Underway Near Los Angeles – All News Pipeline


There is No Such Thing as a Gun Free Zone – The Government Rag

Would Your Children Survive on Their Own? – The Survivalist Blog


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