Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary 8 January 2016

Outlaw Patriot

International News

Removal of Chavez Images from Venezuela Capitol Raises Tensions – The New York Times

Iran Holds Mass Protests Against Saudi Arabia Amid Tensions – AP

China Hospital Bulldozed with patients Inside, Morgue Buried – AP

Russian Oligarchs were on Rothschild Payroll – Infowars

Top Gun: Why Nothing Comes Close to Russia’s Vulkan Missile – Sputnik News

Russia Says N. Korea Test Flagrant Violation of International Law – via Yahoo News

Egypt Urges Israel Not to Normalize Ties with Turkey – Israel National News

US News

Missing US Missile Shows Up in Cuba – The Wall Street Journal

Government Sends Obamacare Payments Without Verification – Americans for Tax Reform

Obama on “Conspiracy” to Take Away Guns: “The United States was Born Suspicious of Some Distant Authority” – Real Clear Politics

Earthquakes in Oklahoma Raise Fears of a Big One – The New York Times

Oklahoma Hit With 70 Quakes in a Week – USA Today

DEA Hired TSA Informant to Confiscate Traveler’s Cash – Infowars

Marine Corps Ordered to Make Job Titles Gender-Neutral – Infowars

Trump Accused of “Blackmailing” UK by Vowing to Pull Investments if Government Bans Him – Infowars

75 Times Obama Broke Law During Presidency – Infowars

Congress Sends Health Law Repeal to Obama’s Desk for First Time -Fox News

Amman Bundy is the Next Davy Crockett – The Common Sense Show

Oathkeepers President, Stewart Rhodes, Speaks Out on the Wisdom Behind the Oregon Militia Standoff – The Common Sense Show

Obama Eyes 6 FEMA Camps for Illegal Immigrants…On US Military Bases! – All News Pipeline

Sinking Ship: US Navy “Unable to Meet Rising Global Dangers” – Sputnik News

Islamic Invasion of 2016 / Terrorism

Unprecedented Sex Harassment in Helsinki at New Year, Finnish Police Report – The Guardian 

New Year Sex Assaults Reported in Sweden – AP

More Horror Sex Attack Claims: Teen Girls Gang Raped by Four Syrian Nationals in Germany – Express

The Latest: Hungarian Leader Says Stop Migrant Flow Totally – AP

Surprise! Germany’s Refugee Numbers Rise…And so do Rape Cases…-Louder with Crowder

Feminists Denounce “German Born Men” After Migrant Sex Attacks – Infowars

ISIS Fighter Executes His Own Mother in Raqqa – The Daily Mail

German Vigilante Group Vows to Protect Women from Migrant Attackers – The Daily Mail

Police in Norway Proclaim: “Oslo is Lost” – SuperStation95


Labor Force Participation Participation Improves Slightly; 94,103,000 Americans Not in Labor Force – CNS News

Immigrants in the Workforce, State by State and Industry by Industry – The National Journal

Stock Market Crash 2016: This is the Worst Start to a Year for Stocks Ever – Economic Collapse

Perfect Storm! – Dollar Collapse

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

Alaskan Bird Die-Off Update: “The Number is Totally Off the Charts!” – The Big Wobble

Top Bible Prophecy Stories of 2015 – Prophecy News Watch


5 PepsiCo Products to Adopt the Non-GMO Project Label in a Few Months – Infowars

Sickened Animals “Unlike Anything Doctors Have Ever Seen” on West Coast – ENE News


Edward Snowden Speaks at Consumer Electronics Show Disguised as a Robot – The Guardian

Big Tech Groups Warn UK Against Spy Bill – Financial Times 


Worst Mistakes to Make When Going Off Grid: “We Wish We’d Known” – SHTFPlan

The Six Laws of Survival: Strategies for Beating the Worst Case Scenario – Ready Nutrition


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