Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary 9 January 2016

Outlaw Patriot

International News

News Executives Urge Kerry to Push Iran to Release Reporter – AP

Tensions High on Korean Border as North Raises Threat of War – Bloomberg

US News

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott Calls for Convention of States to Take Back States’ Rights – The Dallas Morning News

Texas Governor Introduces Groundbreaking Plan to Override Obama’s Tyranny – Infowars

Exclusive: Birth Certificate for Ted Cruz’s Mother – Breitbart

1974 Canadian Electors’ List Named Ted Cruz’s Parents – Breitbart

Smoking Gun: Email Suggests Hillary Broke Law – PoliZette

Ex-Agent: Secret Service Too Cozy with Clinton, Press Interference “Dangerous” – The Washington Examiner

Golden Hammer: Feds Spending Millions to Arm Agencies That Don’t Need Guns – The Washington Times

Impeachment Leader: Obama Establishing a Dictatorship – Infowars

Emergency Transmission! – Infowars

Navy SEAL Widow Blasts Obama on Gun Control – Infowars

15-Year Armed Standoff Quietly Ends Outside of Dallas – WFAA

The Patriots and Independent Media Forces CNN and Obama to Address Our Concerns – The Common Sense Show

Former US Attorney: Will the Oregon Patriots Come Out in Handcuffs or in Body Bags? – The Common Sense Show

President Obama Wants to Rule the World – Rebel Planet Dispatch

Additional Militias From Other States Join Seizure of Oregon Federal Complex – Local Citizens Bringing Food and Supplies in Support! – SuperStation95

Oregon Militia Confirms They Are Not Leaving; Ready to Die for Freedom – The Last Great Stand

Islamic Invasion of 2016 / Terrorism

Cops: Suspect Says He Shot Officer in Name of Islam – CBS Philly

Alleged Cop Shooter Pledged Allegiance to ISIS, Police Say – ABC News

Disclosure: Another 41 Foreign-Born Individuals Snagged on Terror Charges – The Washington Free Beacon

Islam Set to Become Second Largest Religion in America by 2040 – The Daily Caller

German Police Spray Anti-Migrant Protesters, Merkel Toughens Tone – via Yahoo News

“Merkel Out!” PEGIDA Supporters Vent Fury After Cologne Attacks – Global Post

Evil ISIS Fighters Torture Woman to Death for Breaking Islamic Dress Code – Express

Alton Nolen Must Stand Trial in Workplace Beheading – The Daily Mail

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

Honduras to Begin Investigations of Ancient Jungle Ruins Believed to be the Legendary White City – Ancient Origins

Times are Testy: Put on the Full Armor of God – Millennium Ark

Health News

Campbell Soup to Adopt GMO Labels on Its Products – Infowars

Ruling Protects Organic Farmers, “GM-Free” Zones in Jackson County Oregon – Infowars

“A Truly Chaotic Crisis” Officials Warn “Its on the Brink of Pandemonium” – All News Pipeline

Increasing Calls for Arrest of Michigan Governor as Poisoned Water Scandal Explodes – Natural Blaze

Privacy News

Watchdog: Feds Paid AMTRAK Worker to Spy on Passengers – The Washington Examiner



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