Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary 11 January 2016

Outlaw Patriot

International News

Catalan Separatists Back New Leader, Pressure on Madrid Mounts – via Yahoo News

Empire Comes Back? UK Presses for Larger Military Presence in Asia – Sputnik

Powerful US Bomber Flies over S. Korea as Standoff Deepens – via Yahoo News

US Prepares for War with North Korea – Infowars

US News

I Already Know the Winner of the Next Powerball Drawing – Market Watch

Gas Prices Could Drop towards $1 a Gallon – USA Today

Americans Moving South, West Again – Pew Trusts

Gallup: Share of Democrats Reaches Record Low – Politico

Conservative Elite, Sounding a Bit Panicked, Says Trump Will Destroy GOP – Fox News

2 Texas Billionaires Bought Up 38000 Acres of Idaho Land – The Olympian

The Larger, but Quieter than Bundy, Push to Take Over Federal Land – The New York Times

Economist: GOP May Win 47 States in General Election – The Hill

Obama Touts “Road to Socialism” Auto Bailout in Weekly Address – Breitbart

Idaho Militia Group Arrive to “Secure Perimeter, Prevent Waco-Style Situation” at Oregon Refuge – The Washington Times

Hillary’s EmailGate Goes Nuclear – Observer

CNN Op-Ed Calls for Obama to “Declare National State of Emergency” to Gut Second Amendment – Infowars

Louis Farrakhan Agrees with Trump Plan to Limit Muslims Entering US – Infowars

Oregon Standoff: Isolated Event or Sign of Things to Come? – Infowars

Sen. Rand Paul: The Fed is Crippling America – Time

Why Are the Feds Keeping Ammon Bundy and Dave Hodges Apart by Any Means Possible? – The Common Sense Show

Will Mind Control Technology Be Applied to the Oregon Patriots? Confidential Source Says Yes – The Common Sense Show

Planned Parenthood Backs Hillary Clinton in First-Ever Presidential Endorsement – Christian Post

Dear Mr. Trump – Holly Deyo

Islamic Invasion of 2016 / Terrorism

Only Ten Percent of Migrant Influx has Reached Us So Far, says German Minister – Breitbart

Two Pakistanis, Syrian Man Injured in Gang Attacks in Cologne – The Daily Mail

Swedish Police Under Investigation for Sexual Assault Cover Up – Bloomberg

Shooter of Philadelphia Policeman Described as Quiet, Devout Muslim – via Yahoo News

Paris Police Station Attacker Lived in German Refugee Shelter: Police – via Yahoo News

What They Didn’t Tell You: Trump “Silent Protester” is Actually a Supporter of Islamic Terrorism – SHTFPlan

Statue of the Virgin Mary Beheaded, Churches Vandalized in “Extremist” Attacks – Pamela Geller

Economic News

The Truth About Money – Infowars

Expert: 2016 as Bad as the Great Depression – Infowars

CEO: “Valuations are at crazy levels…Like nothing I’ve seen over my career…” – SHTFPlan

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

The Origin of Species – The Times

One World Religion: Pope Francis Says All Major Religions Are “Meeting God in Different Ways” – End of the American Dream

The America I Grew Up In Is Dead – David Wilkerson

Privacy News

The New Way Police are Surveilling You: Calculating Your “Threat” Score – The Washington Post

Health News

Experts Claim Passion for Eating Healthy Has Become a Mental Disorder – Waking Times

Survival News

“Nothing to do with Islam” – Liberals Just Don’t Get It – US Defense Watch


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