Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary 13 January 2016

Outlaw Patriot

International News

China Arrests Most Prominent Woman Right Lawyer for Subversion – via Yahoo News

Iran Says Seizure of US Boats a Lesson to “Troublemakers” in Congress – via Yahoo News

US Apologizes for Iran Naval Incursion – Revolutionary Guards – BBC

Iran Sanctions Seen Lifted by Monday Once Nuclear Deal Verified – Bloomberg

Putin Hints that Russia Could Grant Asylum to Assad – The Guardian

Japan to Respond Strongly to Chinese Warships Sailing Near Senkaku Islands – UPI

Saudi Arabia and Turkey are Greatest Dangers to World Peace – VA State Senator – RT

Russian Deputy PM Warns Serbia Against Harmonizing It’s Foreign Policy with EU’s – Tass

EU in Stress: The German-Polish Clash – Consortium News

US News

After Central America Slog, Cubans Can Expect US Welcome – via Yahoo News 

580 Students Speak 42 Languages at Buffalo, NY High School – EAGNews

Obama’s Chief of Staff Promises “Audacious Executive Action” in Final Year – The National Review

Can We Fix American Cities by Tearing Them Down? – Bloomberg

Florida Militia Leader Says Group Would Be Ready for a “Call to Arms” – New Times

House Homeland Chair Warns of Terror Attacks at Disney, Oscars, Mall of America – The Washington Examiner

Obama’s Three Biggest Lies of SOTU Address – Infowars 

Is the Constitution Flawed? – Infowars

Clinton Declines to Answer Questions About Women Involved in Sex Scandals – Des Moines Register

School Textbook Sales Leader Says Common Core is All About the Money – The Daily Mail

Obamacare Costs Set to Spike for Thousands – The Hill

Feds Back Off on RealID Demands – Watchdog

Ammon Bundy Breaks His Silence with Dave Hodges – Hear His Side of the Story – The Common Sense Show

Islamic Invasion of 2016 / Terrorism

France Bans Three “Radical” Islamic Groups After Attacks – via Yahoo News

French Jews Debate Danger of Wearing Kippa After Teacher Attack – Bloomberg

ISIL’s Security Advice to Would-Be Jihadists: Shave Your Beard, Encrypt Your Phones and Wear Western Clothes – The Telegraph

German Biker Gangs Attack Foreigners in Migrant Manhunts – Zero Hedge

Obama Builds “Stone Wall” Around Terror Investigations – All News Pipeline

Shocker: Hillary Email Blows Cover Off Massive Obama Plot to Promote Terrorism – The Last Great Stand

Economic News

Oil Could Crash to $10 a Barrel, Warn Investment Bank Bears – The Telegraph

Around the World in 80 Payments – Global Moves to a Cashless Society – Epoch Times

20th Largest Bank in the World: 2016 Will Be a “Cataclysmic Year” anf “Investors Should be Afraid” – Economic Collapse

Stock Market Erases $1 Trillion So Far in 2016 – CNN Money

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

Why Are Exorcisms as Popular as Ever? – The New Republic

Obama, Petrus Romanus, and UN Agenda 2030: The Recipe for End-Times Global Socialism – Skywatch TV

70% of Our Seabirds and 75% of the World’s Fish Are Now Depleted: No Fish Left in Our Oceans by the Year 2048; NOAA: Carnage Along the West Coast Exploding Since 2011 – The Big Wobble

Health News

Woman Worried New Cellphone Tower Will Affect Son’s Lifesaving Medical Equipment – CBS Denver

Panel Recommends FDA Approve Implant to Treat Opiate Addiction – USA Today

Berkley, CA Joins in Suing Monsanto for Toxic PCB Chemical Pollution – Infowars

“This is a Mini-Chernobyl”: LA County Supervisor on Methane Gas Leak – RT

What Happened to Flu Season? – Lew Rockwell

Studies of Identical Twins Show Homosexuality is Acquired, Not Genetic – Fellowship of the Minds

Privacy News

TVs Now Smart Enough to get Hijacked, Pick Up Malware – Techdirt

Are You a Threat? Police Software Scans Social Media: “Very Dangerous for a Citizen” – SHTFPlan

Survival News

“After Armageddon”: Marine Shows How To Survive an Urban Disaster – SHTFPlan

Food and Medicine Will Soon be Unobtainable – The Common Sense Show

This is How the Economic Collapse Will Change Your Day to Day Life – All Self Sustained


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