Where have all the good men gone?

The Shot Ignored Around the World…


I can vividly remember being 5-6 years old on a Saturday morning, watching Saturday morning cartoons (back in those days, you only got cartoons for maybe an hour after school and then from 7:00 to around 11:00 on Saturday mornings) and eating Frosted Flakes right out of the box…It was when I saw this Schoolhouse Rock episode for the first time. I am pretty sure that it had aired before, but it was the first time I saw it and actually took in what it was talking about. This has always been my favorite of the Schoolhouse Rock shorts that were produced for ABC from 1973 to 1985. I was raised in a very patriotic household in a small, rural town in the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma. Although my own father didn’t serve in the military, his older brother had tried to enlist in the US armed forces during World War II, but was turned down because he was only 16. He worked that entire summer to save up money to buy a ticket on an ocean liner to England so that he could join there – and he became a tailgunner in the Royal Air Force. I’m not sure how many combat missions my uncle flew during World War II, but he came back from the war and lived out the rest of his days back in the US. My father was very young at the time, but that action on his part was something that had a profound effect on him, and that sense of duty is something that he instilled in myself and my brothers from a very young age.

Of course, you have to understand…the world was a very different place for the young man that sat in front of the television that Saturday morning, enjoying a fist full of Frosted Flakes and watching the above short. It was a time that seems so far away now when everything seemed so much more clear cut as to who was the good guy and who was the bad guy. It was the time of the Cold War, when the knights in shining armor of capitalism squared off against the black knight of socialism. Every day brought with it drills of hiding under your desk during “bomb drills” at school and new tensions that could at any moment escalate into nuclear war….or so we were told each and every day. But while the world presented to us on our tiny (by today’s standards) television screens might have been somewhat simplified and spoon-fed to us in an age where the evening news and morning paper were your sole sources of information, we had real men back then. Men of honor…men of courage. And I can remember watching that short and not having any difficulty whatsoever thinking of those Minutemen depicted with the face of my father, or the neighbor down the road, or my friend’s dad, because those were men that I knew stood up for what they believe in. Wow…that’s something that’s certainly missing from today’s society isn’t it? Could you imagine the men of today…those same men that get manicures and facials standing up against the World’s Greatest Empire? Sadly, the majority of our “men” of today are lacking those same virtues that built this great nation in which we comfortably sit, discussing the latest celebrity scandal and watching our favorite sports team. Or so the system hopes…

But I will tell you this, I saw hope over the past several weeks come out of the spirit of the American West. A rag-tag group of men, men of honor, courage, and conviction, went into the small town of Burns, Oregon and they made a stand. They made a stand for what they believed was right, and it wasn’t just a stand for themselves…no, it was a stand for you and me, and for the children that will inherit this greatest nation on Earth. And I know the stand that they made has been controversial, even amongst the alternative media. Some of the same outlets that stood beside the Bundys at their Nevada ranch came out and decried this action, stating “wrong place, wrong time”. I, myself, have been and continue to be conflicted on the choice of the place, and the timing was indeed more fortuitous for the scoundrels in Washington, DC that look to take our freedoms away than it was for the liberty movement. This stand came even as the leader of this dark charade of a representative republic was moving with his “phone and pen” to place more restrictions on the rights of the people to keep and bear arms. But they took their stand, anyway. And in the end, is the time or the place ever really “right” in the eyes of the meek to make a stand? A generation that would rather take photos and put them on social media to create the next hashtag sensation (and maybe gain a few more followers) than stop a rape or murder is not a generation to decide the right time or place to take a stand. No, this generation of Americans has lost it’s salt, it’s flavor, and for this generation, it is just easier to go along to get along than to make the decision to stand up for what is right and just.

Just as quickly as this hope sprung up, it was snuffed out yesterday. During a “traffic stop” that has all the markings of a planned ambush, 55 year-old Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was shot dead. No matter what your thoughts or feelings were about the Oregon situation, I think everyone can agree that there had to be a better solution than killing this man. And while the exact details haven’t been released by the authorities public servants, fellow militia members that witnessed Finicum’s final moments and his children have spoken out, stating that he was shot in the face while his hands were in the air. Upon reading the message released by Mr. Finicum’s daughter on Facebook, I can tell you that I was filled with rage. And these same soulless masses that referred to the riots last year in places like Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland cheered this seeming act of not just police brutality, but open execution, like the Romans cheering the execution of a gladiator in the arena. And a good portion of the American citizenry, hypnotized by the current NFL playoffs or the debate as to whether the latest award show is “too white” has not even heard of this tragic conclusion to a brave stand in the face of government abuse. No matter your opinion on the stand these men made, this was not a viable solution, not a peaceful solution, and it only feeds into an already growing resentment of an over-reaching federal government which consumes tax dollars and defecates more debt onto the citizenry subjects.

Trying to make a deal at the crossroads…

My fellow patriots, our nation now stands at a crossroads. This path that has taken us here has been long and winding, with twists that took us up great peaks looking out over luscious valleys below, and down into valleys of desolation where those peaks up high seemed too insurmountable to climb. And even as we stand at this crossroads, most of our fellow Americans, like the Israelites going before Samuel, are too busy looking for a king in this presidential campaign season to look at the paths that lay before us. But just like those Israelites, it is not that the American people are rejecting the system laid out by those authors of the Constitution…no, the real problem is that in larger and larger droves they are rejecting God, forsaking Him for other gods like the almighty dollar or fleeting “fame” through social media. It doesn’t matter who is elected leader of this nation in November of this year if this nation doesn’t find it’s soul again. A political leader will not stop the our advancement towards this crossroads, or be able to direct us to the correct path. But sadly, even the most devout of Christians in this nation no longer see that. They only see the glamor of the spectacle before them instead of the crossroads coming at them, like the driver checking his text messages as he barrels down the road at an oncoming tractor-trailer.

When I look upon the crossroads that lay before us, a fear grips me on a very deep level. We stand on a path that branches into three individual, very distinct and separate roads. On the path to the right of us lay an even field, green grass stretching to a horizon with a river and bounty off in the distance. This is the road that we can take if this nation regains it’s soul and renews it’s covenant with the Lord. Getting back to that greatest of documents, produced more than 200 years ago, the Constitution, with the separation of powers and limitation of the federal government. But this is a long road. Just as the road that brought us here has been long, the road to lead us back to prosperity is a long one – but the reward at the end is all the more sweeter.

To the left lay a path that is shorter, but the road is overgrown with thorns and brambles. To either side of this road is blackened grass, burned and salted, beaten down by the boots of marching troops. This is a road that leads to tyranny. Real tyranny, not this limp-wristed tyranny that we hear so much about these days, but terror on a scale of the days of Stalin in the Soviet Union. A nation ruled over by fear of not just the government, but of your neighbors and family that they might report you as a suspected enemy of the state. Dotting the landscape that is marred by smoking pits left from drone strikes are labor camps and long lines waiting for food to be distributed to the people by the state. This is a nation lost, and a nation of victims – a nation where there is no hope.

Lastly, directly ahead of us, on the very path that we now walk, the road only continues on for but a few more steps and then drops away into a quagmire of filth and rotting corpses. This path is the path of revolution. Entropy. Chaos. And while so many of you out there chant “Bring it on!” you don’t know the horror that will become of this country should we raise the banners of revolution. Times of chaos that stem from revolution bring to power the most radical and overzealous. While our country was born out of such a time, it is the exception rather than the rule in history, and the men that led that revolution had souls that cried out for that greatest gift that the Lord bestowed upon us wretches – free will. Liberty is the very embodiment of this gift, but even as we witness now in this nation – even this gift can be turned into a weapon against us when it is not tempered with a love for the Lord and a keeping of His Commandments.

I pray that we as a people, I don’t look to some man to come into the White House and change this for us, but we as a people take up this charge and choose the path on the right back to prosperity. Many will say that we need the path before us of revolution to steer back onto the right path, but the path of revolution is a path of death and destruction. If the call to arms for revolution were sounded, it would not just be a war between the people and the government – it would invite enemies from beyond the walls into our backyards and we might well find ourselves not governed by the scoundrels from within our own country but by those from foreign shores.

Get your house in order…

No matter the path that this nation takes, each and every person needs to take a good, long look in the mirror and decide what they will do if each road is taken. I encourage each person to not only have that conversation with themselves, but to have that conversation with the Lord, as well. If you don’t already have that personal relationship with the Lord, this is the time to cultivate that relationship, as the Lord really is looking for a few good men (and women, too!).

Getting your house in order should be your top priority. Learn survival skills, prepare food, and prepare yourself and your house. By survival skills, I mean to learn those skills lost to this generation, whether it be carpentry, electrician skills, locksmithing, welding, medicine – those skills that we now take for granted every day but will be in short supply once our country falls into complete decadence. Preparing food can begin by stocking food first for ten days, then thirty days and on up. You don’t have to buy the large, expensive, long-term storage, you can start with just making lists of those things you routinely use and stocking more of them in the house. Each time you go to the store, buy an extra base item such as sugar, flour, or beans and add it in to your pantry. Begin to stockpile small, but continue to add. By getting your house in order, I mean more than just you and your family. If you don’t have a family, your house can include close friends and neighbors, or even extended family. Remember that those that leave your life are just as important as those that come into your life – be aware of a Judas in your midst. These are just a few small things to get you started.

The bottom line here is this: Play time is over. It is time to get serious in making your house ready and in preparing your spirit for what is to come. Over the next year, the changes will be coming hard and fast as we make our way down the path that is chosen. If you search your soul, you know this is true, and you know what is coming. You have had that sinking feeling in your chest…that sense of anxiousness of what is coming…that something is there, just over the horizon, but you can’t put your finger on it. You are feeling the coming judgment upon this nation. The Lord is calling out to you to prepare for His wrath to be poured out. He is calling out to you to join Him and His soldiers in the coming storm. Will you answer His call?



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