Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary 10 February 2016

Outlaw Patriot

International News

Iran Publishes Pictures of Captured US Sailors Crying – The Washington Free Beacon

Senior Iranian Military Official: US Subordinate to Iran in Middle East – Jerusalem Post

Turkey’s Erdogan Chastises US Support of Syrian Kurd Rebels – via Yahoo News

NWO Foments World War Between US and Russia – Infowars

HSBC Sued by Families of US Citizens Killed by Mexican Drug Cartels after Money Laundering Probe – International Business Times

Moscow Warns US Over Missile System Deployment to S. Korea – via Yahoo News

US Spy Chief: North Korea Restarted Plutonium Reactor – The Hill

US News

Clinton Likely to Leave NH with Same Number of Delegates as Sanders – The Hill

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote – The Nation

Feds Sue Ferguson to Force Police Reform – USA Today 

FBI Moves to Seal Off Remaining Oregon Occupiers – USA Today

Top US Intelligence Official Calls Gene Editing a WMD Threat – MIT Technology Review

Navy Calls on Researchers to Create Firefighting Humanoid Robot – Computer World

US Spy Satellite Begins Secret Mission with Dazzling Predawn Launch – Space.com

Documents Suggest State Department Asked Clinton to Delete Classified Emails – The Washington Examiner

Official: Clinton Aides Also Handled “Top Secret” Intel on Server – Fox News

Air Force General Faints During Budget Talks – ABC 13

Despite Carbon Ruling, White House Says US Can Meet Climate Deal Goals – via Yahoo News

Obama Wants “Billions for Gun Control” in 2017 Budget – Breitbart

Liberty Activists and ISIS Will Soon be Treated as Identical Threats – Alt-Market

Hillary Clinton Lying for 13 Minutes Straight! One Photo Should be The End of Hillary Clinton – This is How Clinton and the Globalists REALLY Feel About America – All News Pipeline

Political Correctness = Language and Thought Control – The Freedom Articles

Islamic Invasion of 2016 / Terrorism

Big Rise in Sex Offense Complaints at Cologne Carnival – via Yahoo News

Europe Threatens to Quarantine Greece Over Immigration Fiasco – Breitbart

Economic News

Yellen: Persistent Economic Weakness Could Slow Rate Hikes – AP

Yellen Says Fed Isn’t Sure Whether It’s Legal to Adopt Negative Rates – MarketWatch

Average ROI in Corporate America has Collapsed 80% Over Last 40 Years – Dark Bid

ALERT: Derivatives Nightmare has Shares in Hong Kong Plunging and Gold Surging Above $1200 – King World News

Unraveling Right Before Our Eyes: Preparation, Precious Metals & The Coming X-Wave – All News Pipeline

This is How Frightening the Global Collapse has Now Become – King World News

Is This The Most Terrifying Danger Facing the World Today? – King World News

Economics Professor: Negative Interest Rates Aimed at Driving Small Banks Out of Business and Eliminating Cash – Zero Hedge

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

Science and Superheroes: How Close Are We to Creating Real Super Powers? – The Guardian

Biohackers Implant Computers, Earbuds, and Antennas in Their Bodies – MarketWatch

Ken Raggio Teaches “Everybody Needs a Backbone” – Ken Raggio

Health News

CDC Expects Zika Transmission via Mosquitoes in US – WWMT

Thanks to Science, You Can Soon Wipe Out Your Worst Memories – NY Post

Taser Shocks Can Impair Brain Function for Up to an Hour – The Daily Mail

Privacy News

John McAfee: Obama Admin. Too Incompetent to Implement Cybersecurity – Infowars

White House Executive Order on Privacy Falls Short – Electronic Frontier Foundation

IRS Says Identity Thieves Breached Its Systems – MSN Money

Survival News

How Smart Devices Could Take Out Power Grid: Hack “Air Conditioners Turn On/Off Repeatedly” – SHTFPlan

Prepping for a Blizzard – The Organic Prepper


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