Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary 13 February 2016

Outlaw Patriot

International News

Russia’s Medvedev: We Are In a ‘New Cold War’ – Bloomberg

Venezuela Declares New Emergency: It Has Run Out of Food – Breitbart

‘Suddenly and Without Warning’: More Signs Emerging A ‘Final and Irreversible’ World War 3 Could Lead to Worldwide Nuclear Annihilation – All News Pipeline

‘We Have Slid Into a New Cold War'” Chilling Statement from Russian PM – The Daily Mail

Libyan Fighter Jet ‘Shot Down by ISIS’ Over Benghazi – The Daily Mail

Syria Truce in Tatters as Assad Boasts He’ll ‘Retake Whole Country’ – The Daily Mail

US in a Tizzy: Russia Destroys CIA’s Arms Smuggling Operation in Syria – Signs of the Times

A Robotic 9/11 – Global Guerrillas 

US News

State Dept. Won’t Rule Out More ‘Top Secret’ Clinton Emails – The Washington Examiner

Tensions Simmer as Cubans Breeze Across Texas Border – The Statesman

Carrier Workers’ Rage Over Company Move to Mexico Caught on Video – CNN Money

Hillary Superdelegate: Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count! – Infowars

State Dept. Sends Subpoena to Clinton Foundation – Infowars

Why Drafting Women is a Terrible Idea – Mises Daily

Cliven Bundy Booked in Multnomah County Jail – KGW/NBC Portland

The CIA Has Been Lying to Its Own Employees for Decades – Antimedia

US Justice Department Releases New Engagement Guidelines for Nation’s Cops – Sputnik

Obama Running Illegal Invasion – Infowars

NJ State Troopers Remind Beyonce and NFL What Black Panthers Did To Their Officers… – Weasel Zippers

Court Overturns Order Keeping ‘Fast and Furious’ Documents Secret – The Hill

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Sting to Arrest 86 Americans in Massive BLM Cover Up – News Target

‘It’s Time’ Cliven Bundy Arrested as FBI Closes in On Malheur Holdouts…Standoff Ends – SHTFPlan

They Are Here, They Have Always Been Here, and They Are Coming After You – The Common Sense Show

Thirteen Year Old Girls Service the Global Elite Courtesy of the Super Bowl and CPS – The Common Sense Show

BREAKING NEWS: Cliven Bundy Arrested – Nobody is Safe from the Tyranny of the FBI and BLM – The Common Sense Show

After Tragic Mistakes and Predictions of Disaster, Expert Warns: ‘America Will Not Be Spared from Crisis’ – All News Pipeline

The US Navy’s ‘Ghost Hunter’ Roboship to Set Sail – The Daily Mail

Hillary Clinton Was a National Security Disaster as Secretary of State – Investment Watch

Islamic Invasion of 2016 / Terrorism

Merkel’s Migrant Policy Unsustainable, says French PM – RT

US Allies Are Now Fighting CIA-Backed Rebels in Syria – Antimedia

Imam Hits Out at Danish Government Plan to Rescue Child Bride Migrants: ‘It’s Part of Their Culture’ – Breitbart

Jordan’s King Says ‘Truly Global Alliance’ Necessary to Tackle Daesh – Sputnik

West Point Cadets Go Online, Undercover to Fight ISIS – Fox News

How ISIS Recruiting Videos Mirror Hollywood Scripts – ABC 7 Chicago

Former Sex Slaves Kick ISIS Ass – Infowars

BREAKING: Somali Muslim Attacks Restaurant Owned by Israeli Christian – Hacks 4 People with Machete – The Gateway Pundit

Economic News

Obama: ‘We’re Not Wildly Overspending’, Alot of Stuff People Put on Internet and News is ‘Factually Inaccurate’ – Breitbart

Bank of America Increases CEO Moynihan’s Pay 23% to $16 Million – Bloomberg

This is the NIRP ‘Doom Loop’ That Threatens to Wipe Out Banks and the Global Economy – Zero Hedge

Market Mayhem: Central Banks May Be Fueling the Fire – CNN Money

Lines Around the Block to Buy Gold in London; Banks Placing ‘Unusually Large Order for Physical’ – Zero Hedge

Hell Week for the Global Economy Gives Signs of Things to Come – The Great Recession

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

Scientists Take a Step Closer to ETERNAL LIFE as They PRESERVE and REVIVE Brain – The Express

University of Texas Police Give Preacher Citation for Offending Students – The Daily Caller

Latest Undercover Abortion Video Talks About ‘Group Purchasing Program’ – Catholic News Agency

Archaeologists Unearth More – ALOT MORE – of a Massive Underground City – mental_floss

Transhumanists Continue Push to Establish Human Enhancement as Replacement Religion. Say Jesus Became Like We Are, So We Can Become Like He Is – GODS INCARNATE – Skywatch TV

LHC Recreates ‘Primordial Soup’ That Began The Universe – The Daily Mail

Health News

Prepare for ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ with Zika Carrying-Mosquitoes, Experts Warn – The New York Times

Mysterious Illness Sweeps Across Ursinus Campus – CBS Philadelphia

Indian Point’s Power Plant Radioactive Leak is Getting Worse – New York Daily News

Flu Now Widespread in Arizona; Over 3700 Cases Reported! NY Has 44 Counties – Investment Watch

Survival News

What Guns? What Gold? Prepper Tips for ‘Hiding Your Guns in Plain Sight’ – SHTFPlan


Superbowl Halftime Show Exposed – Beyonce/Sasha Fierce Fully Possessed – Hagmann and Hagmann Report / Neptunediaries

Oregon “Standoff” – What You Are Not Being Told But Need to Know – Hagmann and Hagmann Report

2/10/15 FBI Siege, The Call From the Refuge – Gavin Seim


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