Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary 15 February 2016

Outlaw Patriot

International News

Arab States Are Seeking Nukes to Counter Iran, Israel Says – The Telegraph

Saudi Arabia, 20 Nations Launch Military Exercise – CNN

North Korea’s Kim Orders More Rocket Launches – AP

Venezuela Opposition Calls Talks on Ousting President – via Yahoo News

Shops’ Electricity Rationed in Crisis-hit Venezuela – via Yahoo News

World War Three is Unfolding As You Read These Words – The Common Sense Show

The Elite’s Final War Before New World Order – Prepper Fortress

“Greeks Will Have to Become Migrants”: 10000 Farmers Protest EU-Imposed Reforms in Athens – RT

Global Ruin is Coming Unless We Stop It – Infowars

US News

Justice Antonin Scalia Said to Have Died of Natural Causes – AP

Scalia 2012: I Would Not Like to be Replaced by Someone Who Would Undo Everything I Did – The Daily Caller

Dems in Senate Passed a Resolution in 1960 Against Election Year Supreme Court Appointments – The American Thinker

Sanders Supporter Revolt Against Superdelegates – Politico

University Tells Students to Report “Incidents of Discomfort” to Campus Police – The College Fix

Obama Silence on Cop Deaths Ripped, ‘I’ll Save You a Spot’ at Funerals Mocks Sheriff – The Washington Examiner 

Bernie Sanders is a Fraud – Infowars

Report: Obama Told of Scalia’s Death Hours Before Public Announcement – Infowars

Urgent Calls Begin for Scalia Autopsy – WND

The Neoconservatives are Brewing a Wider War in Syria – Infowars

Ted Cruz on Antonin Scalia” ‘Our Fundamental Rights Hang in the Balance…’ – Louder with Crowder

Obama to Nominate Scalia Successor ‘in Due Time’ – The Epoch Times

NRA: Scalia Death Puts Gun Rights in Jeopardy – The Washington Examiner

The Most Important Supreme Court Cases “Derailed” by Scalia Death: Amnesty, Obamacare, & Guns – SHTFPlan

State High Court Broadens Police Search and Seizure Power – Journal Sentinel

“They Killed Judge Scalia” – Reports Second Amendment Now in Jeopardy – When “Conspiracy Theories” Are Proven True, Are They Still “Conspiracy Theories”? – All News Pipeline

How Republics Perish – Pat Buchanan

That Debate Moment When the Script is Evidenced – The Last Stand

Antonin Scalia Found Dead With Pillow Over His Head, Justice Decides Against Autopsy Without Seeing Body! – Intellihub 

The Constitution Will Be Ruled “Un” Constitutional – Jim Sinclair’s Mineset

Islamic Invasion of 2016 / Terrorism

Anti-Migrant Force Builds in Europe, Hurting Merkel’s Quest – AP

Tommy Robinson Attacked, Hospitalized One Week After Revealing Islamists are Out to Kill Him – Breitbart

Economic News

Mapped: Why Negative Central Bank Interest Rates Herald New Danger for the World – The Telegraph

Central Bankers “Don’t Have a Clue” – Jim Rogers – CNN Money 

EU Steel Workers Protest Against Cheap Chinese Imports – AP

What Markets Are Telling Us – Infowars

Deranged Central Bankers Blowing Up the World – The Burning Platform

Keiser: Deutsche Bank “Technically Insolvent”, Running a “Ponzi Scheme” – RT

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

Stairway to Heaven? Josh Peck Discusses Discovery of Gravitational Waves, Hints at Doorways to “Higher Dimensions” – Skywatch TV

Health News

Mystery Brain Disorder Robs Patients of Their Words – AP

New Israeli Study: Artificial Light at Night Causes Weight Gain, Cancer – Breitbart

Govt’ Plan to Destroy the Family Exposed – Infowars

Privacy News

Mark Zuckerberg Hired 16 Bodyguards to Protect Him at Home – Page Six

The Facebook Conspiracy to Create an “Enemies of the State” Red List – The Common Sense Show

Survival News

Apparently, Fleeing the City During a Crisis for Rural Shelter is “Treasonous” – Truth Stream Media

America is on the Verge of Mass Starvation – The Common Sense Show


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