Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary 18 February 2016

Outlaw Patriot

International News

Pope vs Trump: ‘Not Christian’ To Only Build Border Walls – AP

Pope Francis Suggests Donald Trump is ‘Not Christian’ – The New York Times

Pope’s Border Wall Around Vatican – The American Mirror

Russian TV Trashed Michelle Obama Last Night – Observer

Hungary Central Bank Stockpiles Guns, Bullets Citing Terror Risk – Bloomberg

Pending Iranian Space Launch Contrary to UN Nuclear Resolution – The Washington Free Beacon

US Stationing Tanks and Artillery Sent to Norway – CNN

North Korea’s Nuke Test ‘Could Jolt Volcano Back to Life’ – The Telegraph

Obama Signs North Korea Sanctions Bill Into Law: White House – Reuters

Most Obvious Coup in History: Ukraine in Chaos – Sputnik

‘Highly Dangerous’ Radioactive Material Stolen, Sparking Fears of ISIS Dirty Bomb – The Independent

Kurds Accuse Turkey of Supporting ISIS in Syria – TruNews

SYRIA FOOD SHORTAGE! In Syria, Hungry Residents Sell Gold for Food – Tribune Reporter

Hundreds Mysteriously Passing Out in Kazakh Village – The Daily Mail

Kim Jong-un Has Ordered Terrorist Attacks in South, Say Seoul Spies – The Daily Mail

US News

Pope Francis’ Call for Immigration Leniency Unlikely to Change Debate – The Washington Times

Jeff Sessions Unswayed by  Pope on Immigration, Economy, Climate – Roll Call

America’s Supreme Court Nightmare – The Week

White House: Obama Absence at Scalia Funeral “Appropriate” – The Washington Examiner

DC Police Release Video of Assault on Decorated Marine Vet – Marine Corps Times

Antonin Scalia and the Magic Pillow Theory – Infowars

Here’s Why Scalia Didn’t Get an Autopsy – Infowars

Insider: Sheriff Lacked Proper Experience for Scalia Investigation, Dept. Ignored Proper Protocol – Infowars

Obama to Meet with Race Activists Behind Ferguson, Baltimore Riots at White House on Thursday – The Gateway Pundit

Cheney Attacks Trump for Being a 9/11 Truther – Infowars

State Department Looks to Root Out Violent Extremism Off the Battlefield – UPI

Pope, Who Lives in a Walled Citadel, Just Called Trump ‘Unchristian’ for Wanting to Build a Wall on the US-Mexico Border – The Daily Sheeple

Cliven Bundy and Two Sons Charged with “Massive Armed Assault” on Feds – The Daily Mail

Islamic Invasion of 2016 / Terrorism

Exclusive: Obama Refuses to Hit ISIS’ Libyan Capitol – The Daily Beast

ISIS Behead Boy, 15, After He is Caught Listening to Music – The Daily Mail

Sweden Turns to Caribbean Cruise Ship to House Refugees – The Telegraph

US Adds Travel Restrictions for Visitors of Libya, Somalia, Yemen – Sputnik

Expert – The Situation is Catastrophic – Speisa

Top Shelf Pervert Fights Deportation – Infowars

Leaked German Government Report Shows Refugees Committed 200000 Crimes Between 2014 and 2015 – BizPac Review

Britain: Muslim Rape Gangs Run Wild – Frontpage

Economic News

‘We’re Nearly Out of Ammo to Combat Risks to Growth’ – CNBC

Saudi Won’t Cut Oil Output, Foreign Minister Tells AFP – via Yahoo News

Why Govt.’s Fear Cash – Infowars

Why the Keynesian Market Wreckers Are Coming for Your Ben Franklins – Zero Hedge

The US Economy Has Not Recovered and Will Not Recover – Infowars

Govt. Insider: The Real Way is Economic – Infowars

Markets Ignore Fundamentals and Chase Headlines Because They Are Dying – Alt-Market

Financial Institutions on High Alert for Major Cyber Attack – Computer Weekly

Paul Craig Roberts – The Frightening Truth About What Is Happening in the United States – King World News

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

What is That Noise? Mysterious Shrieking Sound Puzzles People in Oregon Neighborhood – Fox 8 Cleveland

Mysterious Tar-Like Oily Substance Covers Driveways in Michigan – The Daily Mail

The Mark of the Beast is Upon Us – Infowars

Death, Destruction, and Despair – The Globalists’ “Cult of Death” is Here – Welcome to the New World Order – All News Pipeline

Health News

Organic Farmer Suffering From GMO Contamination Dismissed By Court – Infowars

Suicidal Veterans Sent to Voicemail – Infowars

Pope Signals that Contraception May Be Acceptable in Midst of Zika Crisis – The Dallas Morning News

The Dark Future of Medicine: Why Your Human Doctor Will Be Replaced By a Pill-Pushing Robotic Toilet That’s Tag Teamed with a Google Terminator Compliance Hunter-Killer Drone – Natural News

Tragic Sonogram Shows Dying Twin Holding His Unborn Sister’s Hand – The Daily Mail

Privacy News

See Something Suspicious Online? Homeland Security Wants to Know About It – Nextgov

Major Swedish Newspaper Demands Facebook Censor ‘Offensive’ Posts – Breitbart

Upgrade Your iPhone Passcode to Defeat the FBI’s Backdoor Strategy – The Intercept

Apple Leads the Charge on Security, But Who Will Follow? – The Intercept

John McAfee: I’ll Decrypt the San Bernardino Phone Free of Charge So Apple Doesn’t Need to Place a Backdoor On Its Product – Business Insider

Apple Unlocked At Least 70 iPhones Before Refusal – New York Daily News

From Cashless Society to Killing People According to Meta-Data, “SkyNet” is Real, It Is Live, and It Has Already Taken Control: CIA, Google, Facebook Connections – All News Pipeline

Survival News

“Simple Offers Freedom”: Building a $500 Cabin Without a Permit – SHTFPlan



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