Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary 21 February 2016

Outlaw Patriot

Top Stories of the Day

The March to World War III is Heating Up…’Moderate’ Muslim Groups in Syria, Backed By US Now Fighting Each Other…Cameron Tries to Keep UK in EU…Erdogan Says Turkey Has Right to Conduct Ops Anywhere…Chinese Media Says Navy Should Attack US Vessels…Bush Bows Out…OK Earthquakes Getting Stronger…Green Beret that Confronted Child Rapist to Hear Decision Soon…NYT Says Pedophiles Deserve Equal Rights…What Does Obama Attending Wake But Missing Funeral Say…How Does FBI Measure Success in Fight Against Terror…5k ISIS Terrorists on the Loose in Europe…TPP Changes Extend Criminal Penalties…Will Genetically Modified Insects in Fight Against Zika End in Biblical Prphecy…EFF Gets Judge’s Go Ahead in Case Against NSA…Who is Killing the Doctors that Discovered Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines…and More!


International News

US-Backed Militia Groups Now Fighting Each Other in Syria – The Telegraph

US Strikes ISIS Camp in Libya; 49 Killed – CNN

Walesa Legend Now a Spy Story as Polish History is Rewritten – Bloomberg

David Cameron Launches Major Push to Keep Britain in EU – via Yahoo News

Thousands in Japan Rally Against US Base on Okinawa – via Yahoo News

National Elections in Uganda Turn Violent – WAMU

Turkey Has Right to Conduct Ops in Syria, Elsewhere to Protect Itself from Terrorists – Erdogan – RT

‘State of Natural Disaster’: Deadly Cyclone Winston Strikes Fiji Islands – RT

Russia Will Win WWIII by Using the Scissors Strategy to Conquer the US – The Common Sense Show

World War III Could Start This Month – Charisma News

China Should “Fire Shots and Ram US Warships to Teach Them a Lesson” – The Daily Mail

US News

Jeb Bush Bows Out of the Campaign, Humbled and Outmaneuvered – The New York Times 

Is Twitter Silencing Conservatives? – Legal Insurrection 

Proposed Bill Would Help Servers to Set Limits on Customers’ Alcohol Consumption – CBS Sacramento

Earthquakes Stronger this Year, but Quake Count Slightly Less – KOCO

SC Exit Poll: 75 Percent Agree with Trump’s Muslim Ban – The Hill

VIDEO: Hillary Supporters Register AFTER Voting? – The American Mirror

CIA Trying to Recruit Transgender Candidates – The New York Post

AliPac Head: Form of Martial Law Happening – Infowars

Decision Imminent for Green Beret that Confronted Afghan Child Rapist – The Washington Free Beacon

NY Times Column Says Pedophiles Deserve Civil Rights and Should Not Be Treated as Criminals – Natural News

It Is Suicide to Follow This Traitor into World War III – The Common Sense Show

Obama Set to Settle the Score with Oregon Sheriff Outspoken on the Second Amendment – Boiling Frogs Post

Trump Calls Out President For Not Attending Scalia Funeral – The Daily Mail

Wow: People Instantly Noticed What Obama Did At Scalia’s Wake – It Speaks VOLUMES… – Western Journalism

Islamic Invasion of 2016 / Terrorism News

Leading Hindu Priest Decapitated in Bangladesh – via Yahoo News

Muslims Claim that National Anthem is “Oppressive” and “Forced Assimilation” – US Herald

FBI Won’t Explain Its Bizarre New Way of Measuring Its Success Fighting Terror – The Intercept 

‘5k Daesh Terrorists At Large in Europe’- Press TV

Obama Admin Freed al Qaeda’s New ‘Front Man’ from GITMO – The Washington Free Beacon

Economic News

Google Boss Heading to Brussels for Anti-Trust Talks – via Yahoo News

Sneaky Change to the TPP Drastically Extends Criminal Penalties – Electronic Frontier Foundation

‘It Will Destroy My Business’: Oregon Small Business Owners Protest Minimum Wage Increase – Infowars

Warning: You May Be Next: 400,000 People Just Had Their Pensions Cut By 50%: “Going to Happen to the Rest of the Pensions in the United States” – SHTFPlan

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

Justice Dies & Antichrist Rise – All News Pipeline

Donald Trump: Petrus Romanus Will Regret Calling Me Unchristian When ISIS Fulfills Their Role in the Mahdi Apocalypse/ Fatima/ Prophecy of the Popes Visions – Skywatch TV

Sounds Like Tom Horn’s “Antichrist Trigger Event” Scenario Under Design – WHO Considering Genetic Modification to Wipe Out Zika Virus (And Will Scientists Unleash the Hybrid Insectoids of Great Tribulation?) – Skywatch TV

The Mark of the Beast? – Jim Sinclair’s Mineset

Evil’s Signet Ring | Alice’s Binding Force – Forthtell

Privacy News

Snowden: Would Return to US With Guarantee of Fair Trial – AP

Apple Plays Digital Privacy Hardball with FBI but Not China – France 24

California Judge Rules EFF Can Collect Evidence Against NSA in Mass Surveillance Lawsuit – RT

Health News

Hillary Clinton is ROLLING in Big Cash from Her ‘Big Enemy’ – Big Pharma – Infowars

US FDA FINALLY Shamed into Testing for Monsanto’s Glyphosate Herbicide in Food – Infowars

Planned Parenthood Just Took a Big Hit in Wisconsin – The Daily Caller

Video: Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines All Found Murdered – The Daily Sheeple

Survival News

Grocery Store Forced to Review Trading Rules After Shelves Go Empty – Antimedia

In One Hour, You Will Be Forced to Flee Your Home – The Common Sense Show


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