Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary 22 February 2016

Outlaw Patriot

Top Stories

March to World War III Continues…Saudi Arabia, Now a Nuclear Power, Also Region’s Largest Arms Importer…Putin Threatens Turkey with Tactical Nukes…US-South Korea Wargames Warning to North Korea…Elites Killing Opposition and Portraying Dissent Against Government as Terrorism…Fukushima Still Out of Control…Cancer Now Contagious…Ex-NSA Chief Sides With Apple…Is FBI Pursuit of iPhone Encryption Necessary or Just to Set a Precedent…Why Are Government Retirees Suddenly Bugging Out

International News

Boris Johnson Backs Campaign to Leave EU – Sky News

EU Has No Plan ‘B’ if Britain Votes to Quit EU, Moscovici Says – via Yahoo News

US Agreed to North Korea Peace Talks Before Latest Nuclear Test – The Wall Street Journal

US Scrambles to Contain Growing ISIS Threat in Libya – The New York Times

French President Threatens to “Suspend” Nations That Elect “Far-Right” Politicians – Zero Hedge

World War 3 Could Very Easily Turn Into The Very First Nuclear War in the Middle East – Economic Collapse

BREAKING: Arabs Now Have Nukes – Infowars

China is Buying Up American Companies Fast, and It’s Freaking People Out – Business Insider

Saudi Arabia Becomes Biggest Arms Importer in Middle East – Sputnik

Report: Putin Threatens Turkey with Tactical Nukes – Infowars

Pound Plunges as Cameron Makes Pro-EU Case in UK Parliament – The Epoch Times

Largest Ever US-South Korea Military Drill Planned as a ‘Warning to Pyongyang’ – The Telegraph 

Russia Wants to Fly Over US with Advanced Digital Camera – via Yahoo News

US News

GOP Sets Another Turnout Record; Democrats’ Numbers Slide – The Washington Times

Wage Gap: One Hillary Clinton Speech More Than Average CEO Salary – The Washington Examiner

Elites Are in a Panice! They’ve Moved into Killing Opposition – Media, Judges, Patriots, Who’s Next? – The Common Sense Show

Backing Infowars May Soon be Considered “Material Support” of Terrorism – Infowars

Rubio Attacks Breitbart, Calls Them ‘Conspiracy Site’, Despite Writing Op-Ed For Them…-Weasel Zippers

Drone Users Face Jail Time, Fines If They Don’t Register – The Hill

Video: Obama Cracks Joke About Scalia’s Death – Infowars

Farrakhan Calls on Black People to Help Redevelop Detroit – CBS Detroit

Black Lives Matter Accuses Public Library of “White Supremacy” – Infowars

Chaos, Backlogs Straining Immigration Courts – The Dallas Morning News

Almost 90,000 Dangerous Illegal Immigrants Go Free – The Washington Examiner

Free Speech By Constitutionalist Media Considered Terrorist Act! – Infowars

CIA Leaker: Clinton “Given a Free Pass” For Emails – The Hill

Rubio Raises More Money From Wall Street Donors Than Any Other Candidate – Haaretz

Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy Prison Update: ‘Jailed for Unpopular Speech’ – The Inquisitr

Obama Hints at More Gun Control Following Kalamazoo Shooting – Infowars

CDC Study: Americans More Likely to be Killed by Accidental Poisoning and Flu than by Guns – Infowars

Why Is the Government Building Mental Hospitals in Remote Locations? – The Common Sense Show

Anyone Disagreeing with the Government Will Go to Prison Including the Media for Covering It – The Common Sense Show

Islamic Invasion of 2016 / Terrorism

Crowd Cheers as German Migrant Hostel is Burned Out in Suspected Arson – The Mirror

Economic News

Fed to Raise the Bar in Bank Stress Tests – The Financial Times

Smartphones to Replace Cards at Bank Machines – Global Post

Legend Issues Dire Warning About a Terrifying Future and the Trigger for a Total Global Collapse – King World News

Global Investment Banks Have Shed 15,000 Trading and Sales Jobs Since 2010 – The International Business Times

The Economics of “Free Stuff” – Mises Daily

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

Apollo 10 Astronauts Heard ‘Music’ on the Far Side of the Moon – The Daily Mail

Ad Seeking ‘Mercy Teams’ for ‘National Scale Emergency’ Heard on Christian Radio – All News Pipeline

Largest Fireball Since Chelyabinsk Falls Over Atlantic – And Almost No One Notices – Slate

Navy Engineer: I Saw Ancient Ruins, Aliens, and Top-Secret Bases in Antarctica! – The Seven Tales

Health News

Fukushima – Deep Trouble – Counterpunch

Med Alert: Cancer Now Contagious – Infowars

Anti-GMO Labeling Act Makes Its Way to the Senate – Mother Nature News

Mobile Phones Are ‘Cooking’ Men’s Sperm – The Telegraph

Federal Government’s “No Jab, No Pay” Law Sparks Run on Vaccines – The Age

Privacy News

Apple Still Holds the Keys to Its Cloud Service, but Reluctantly – The New York Times

San Bernardino Victims to Oppose Apple on iPhone Encyption – Reuters

Ex-NSA Chief Backs Apple on iPhone ‘Back Doors’ – USA Today

Can an 18th Century Law Force Apple to Hack Killer’s Phone? – The New York Post

No, the FBI Does Not ‘Need’ the Info on Farook’s iPhone; This is Entirely About the Precedent – Techdirt

Survival News

Going Off Grid? Here’s What To Do About Water: “Solution With Minimal Effort” – SHTFPlan

Why Are CIA, DHS, NSA, FBI, and FEMA Retirees All Bugging Out in Preparation for Something Big? – Natural News


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