Outlaw Patriot News Executive Summary 23 February 2016


Outlaw Patriot

Top Stories

World War Is In The Air…China Sends Fighters to Disputed Island…Brexit To Be First Crack in EU Wall…Obama Gearing Up For War With Revamp of Nuke Forces and Sending Ammo to Europe…Turks Caught Cooperating with ISIS…What Will Instigate the Invasion of Syria…Illegal Immigrant Children Overwhelming the US…DOJ Moving on “Domestic Terrorists”…Illegal Immigrants to Gain Voting Rights…What is a Vote for Trump a Vote For…US Navy Obsession with Aircraft Carriers a Threat…Obama Signs More Executive Orders, Legalizes Fed Seizure of Land…Islamic Invasion of Europe Continues…Average US Household Debt Explodes…Global Economy Hinges on China, the Winner of the Global Monopoly Game…Prophecy of Presidents Opens Startling Discovery…Brazil to Use Radiation to Fight Zika…US Welcomes Immigrants with HIV, STDs…DOJ After More Than Just San Bernardino iPhone Info…

International News

EXCLUSIVE: China Sends Fighter Jets to Contested Island in South China Sea – Fox News

How Obama Lost the Mideast to Putin – The Daily Beast

Is Britain About to Declare Independence from the European Union? – Anitmedia

Obama’s Russian Rationale for $1 Trillion Nuke Plan Signals New Arms Race – The Intercept

‘OK, Big Brother’: Turkish Military Cooperate with ISIS on the Border, Telephone Calls Reveal – RT

DNA Proves Ankara Attacker as Turkish – Press TV

False Flags To Be Used to Justify a Massive Invasion of Syria? – End of the American Dream

US Sends 5,000 Tons of Ammunition to Germany – The Local

US News

Flow of Illegal Immigrant Children into US Expected to Rise in 2016 – The Washington Free Beacon

Sessions: Feds let 97 Percent of Border Crisis Kids Stay in the US – The Washington Examiner

White House Declines to Say if Gitmo Executive Action Off the Table – Politico

Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Among Suspected Jihadists Held in Spain, Morocco – via Yahoo News

GOP Judiciary: No Hearing on Obama Court Nominee – The Hill

Revealed: State Dept. Created Classified Email Account for Hillary, But She Didn’t Use It – The Daily Caller

Business Owner Requiring All Employees to be Armed – WSB TV Atlanta

DOJ Vies to Label Infowars as Domestic Terrorism – Infowars

Ben Carson Claims Obama Was ‘Raised White’ – The New York Daily News

Sanders Supporter Cries About Trump Supporter Disagreeing With Her. Lols Ensue… – Louder with Crowder

Effort to Open Voting to Illegal Immigrants Underway in NYC – Breitbart

Constitutional Sheriff Targeted by Feds, Hillary Still Free – Infowars

Citing Copyright, Army Blocks Chelsea Manning From Receiving Printouts From EFF’s Website – BoingBoing

A Vote for Donald Trump is a Vote for This… – The Common Sense Show

US Navy Threatened by Obsession with Aircraft Carriers, Report Says – The Daily Mail

Are We Living in a Police State? If Someone Broke Into Your House Are You Just Going to Sit There If You Have the Means to Protect Your Family? – All Self Sustained

Obama Signs Executive Order, Bypasses Congress, and Legalizes All BLM Land Grabs – Investment Watch

Islamic Invasion of 2016 / Terrorism

Migrant Arrivals to Europe This Year Top 110,000, Up Sharply from 2015 – via Yahoo News

Greece Rages at Neighbors as Fears Migrants Could Be Halted – via Yahoo News

Economic News

Oregon to Lose 62,700 Jobs Due to Minimum Wage Hike – The Daily Signal

Household Debt Increases to $12 Trillion – The Washington Free Beacon

Central Banks Should Stop Paying Interest on Reserves – Mises Daily

China’s Economic Recession Shatters Global Dreams of Prosperity – The Epoch Times

This is Why the Minimum Wage is Such a Horrible Idea – The Daily Sheeple

Here’s How We Got Here: A Short Primer on the Petrodollar – SHFTPlan

China Has Won the Global Game of Monopoly and Ended Up with Park Avenue – And Everything Else! The United States of China – All News Pipeline

Things Are Continuing to Deteriorate in the Real World at an Alarming Rate – King World News

Ancient Mysteries / Prophetic News

Why Forest Grove Should Be Freaked Out By Mysterious Nocturnal Noise – The Oregonian

Polygamous Church Leaders Indicted Arrested in Investigation of Alleged Food Stamp Fraud – The Salt Lake Tribune

Huge Fireball Struck Atlantic Ocean – Did You Hear About It? Only Months Ago, “Asteroid Nearly Wiped Us Out” – All News Pipeline

Why Artificial Intelligence May Be More Dangerous Than Nuclear Weapons – Skywatch TV

Growing Number of Students Want to be ‘Marked’ with Microchips…AND THEIR PARENTS APPROVE! – Skywatch TV

The Prophecy of Presidents – Daily Crow

Health News

Brazil Plans to Zap Mosquitoes with Radiation to Halt Spread of Zika Virus – The Telegraph

CDC reports 14 New Possible Cases of Sexually Transmitted Zika in the US – NBC News

HHS: Immigrants with HIV, STDs Welcome – The Washington Examiner

CDC: Half of Gay Black Men Will Get HIV – The Daily Beast

Sacred Native American Lands Could Become Nuclear Waste Dump – Antimedia

Pesticides as Bad for Kids’ Lungs as Cigarettes, Says New Study – Infowars

Privacy News

Justice Department Seeks to Force Apple to Extract Data From About 12 Other iPhones – The Wall Street Journal

Survival News

Homemade MREs – Ready Nutrition


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