Target Suing Man for Defending Teen from Stabbing: Security of Customers Lacking in Department Store

Just as Target’s shares are taking a downturn after embracing the transgender agenda of the current administration, a new event should be brought to the public’s attention which displays just how much the chain store values you as a customer, and your safety in their store. To most observers, the policy of allowing any man into the women’s bathroom if he claims that he is feeling effeminate that particular day is an egregious security situation. However, this new lawsuit that has been filed by Target against a Pennsylvania man should be the final nail in the coffin for the chain that clearly thinks that personal safety and security of their customers is not a priority.

In March, 2013, Michael Turner was inside the East Liberty, Pennsylvania Target location when he witnessed an attack on a 16 year old girl. The victim was being stabbed, and it was obvious that if someone didn’t act fast, the girl might not make it out of the store. Turner grabbed a baseball bat and chased the attacker from the store, something that should have hailed him as a hero to not just the girl and her family, but to the community as whole. But hold onto your hats, because this isn’t the same America we all grew up in.

Turner is now being sued by Target for endangering the lives of the other customers in the store that day and being blamed for the stabbing himself. The attacker, a man named Leon Walls, is not named in the suit, only Turner. The man that instead of taking video or photos to put on social media, as so many onlookers do today, took action to defend the life of a teenage girl from a vicious attacker is now being made out to be the villain by the store chain that wants to allow pedophiles into the bathroom with our children, and perverts in with our wives.

While some reports have said that surely no judge would side with the chain store in this frivolous lawsuit, let’s not dismiss this so quickly. We aren’t talking about a court in Texas, where likely Turner would be awarded a medal together with civil damages for the store even making such an accusation. Target is front and center in the move of this country to victimhood and perversion, and this is just a new front in that battle. This action cannot stand.

Americans need to show their solidarity with Mr. Turner and let Target know that their agenda will not stand in this country. We are not a nation of victims, and not a nation that will stand idly by and let our women be attacked and subjected to perversion. Boycott the chain until they get the message that if they choose to continue these attacks against their customers, they will soon be out of business in the United States.


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