Memorial Day Massacre of the Memory of Manhood



A man jumped a curb in Henderson, Kentucky in order to drive his 1979 Ford Thunderbird over 160 crosses printed with the names of local veterans that had lost their lives, 20 of them destroyed on Memorial Day. In Cedar Falls, Iowa, a vandal scribbled over the words of Freedom Rock, a monument honoring the sacrifice of veterans in the area.Vandals also struck a Purple Heart-shaped plant bed in Richland, Washington, pulling out the purple sage plants and leaving the Purple Heart broken. The words “You are not forgotten” were painted over on the Vietnam War Memorial in Venice, California, the work of more vandals.Vandals also struck a veterans’ cemetery in Flat Rock, Michigan, breaking tombstones. As reports came in from across the country over Memorial Day weekend, it became clear that these incidents didn’t just show a casual disregard for the men that have put on the uniform and went to war in the name of our nation, but many of these events were premeditated desecration of the memory of manhood.

As we have stood silently by, the media moguls, Hollywood, and the music industry has convinced a generation that gangster culture is what makes you a man. Instead of celebrating the culture of helping your brothers and sisters, of being a good husband and father, and of heroic deeds in the face of extreme adversity, the media machines of Los Angeles and New York have spewed forth with the glorification of the lifestyle of the street gangster – not of honor but of destruction. With the steady demonization of manhood, they have created a society that has disdain for the giants on whose shoulders we stand and that doesn’t respect the rule of law, but rather seeks to tear down this country into the corruption and filth of the Third World.

And it is not just here at home that we are beginning to witness the chickens coming home to roost in the form of these types of events and in the riots that have plagued our country over the past couple of years, but if you look closely at the “soldiers” of ISIS or the stream of “refugees” that are now flooding Europe, you also see the influence of this gangster culture. It is a culture, whether at home or in these refugees, that has not respect for anyone that differs with them on any topic, religion, or culture and that corrupts whatever it touches to the core, slowly rotting everything from the inside out.

In Samuel Huntington’s famous book “Clash of Civilizations”, he theorized that cultural differences trigger hot-spots around the world, where Western culture meets Islamic culture, and so on, and this has very much been used almost as a playbook by those in power for creating and continuing conflicts and wars. What is being done on the macro level geopolitically is now being harnessed and used at the micro level within our nations, our states, our localities, and even our homes to instigate strife within a people in the United States. This people, while not having common ancestry or even culture, came together in common bond under the precepts laid out in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed to our citizenry in the form of the Constitution – “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. But the media machine has been working tirelessly to teach that life has no value beyond material value, that the liberties of the people are nothing compared to the will of the state, and that happiness can only be achieved through hedonistic behavior and sexual perversion. All of this amounts to the precept behind the humanist philosophy that each man is his own god, and harkens back to the words of Aleister Crowley that “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”.

Those of us “bitter clingers” that still hold on to the belief in God, country, and family, must stop being silent. We must use our voices in our homes and communities to raise up honorable people into positions of power. We must use our spending power to stop giving money to the very people that wish to destroy our way of life. Yes, we have problems in this country…but it is still the greatest nation on this planet, despite the decades-long attempts of those that wish to remake it otherwise. But if we do nothing, we are complicit in the destruction of not just this nation, but of our culture and the birthrights of liberty of our progeny. We each are born or are bestowed with different gifts, but these gifts do not come to us free or without cost – we gain these gifts with the price tag of having to use them. Stop waiting for someone else to speak up, for someone else to act. Be the person to stand up for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.


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  1. Jamie Carter says:

    Even the greatest generation had vandals among it’s own ranks – I just saw a video from the 1940s asking patrons to report any vandalism they notice at the cinema. Some vandalism is senseless, the act of drunken youth trying to prove they are brave enough – i.e. “man enough” – to do it. Some vandalism sends a message. Earlier this year, a local mosque made the news after it had been vandalized. Many Christians helped to restore the the building and repair the damage. With the destruction of memorials, I’d say it falls into the latter category and is meant as a message about not glorifying war by not honoring sacrifice. The latter group often feels compelled by their manhood (if the vandals are male, are they usually?) to do such things. After all, there have been groups like the KKK who weren’t opposed to leaving burning crosses on the lawns of frightened African American families because their manhood demanded it. They viewed any capitulation as a threat to their manhood. The thing is it’s not quite correct to say that: “real men don’t vandalize” because they do, they just have purer, more driven motives that they feel justifies their actions. Manhood hasn’t been lost – it’s exactly the same as it has always been.


    1. To equate these actions to some kind of courage is a tragic mistake. This isn’t courage – it’s the actions of cowards. And it isn’t some message on the evils of war, as the men who died in those wars understood those evils far better than the trash that would do such deeds. Despite one’s feelings on war or the justifications of any of the wars in the past, we cannot take those feelings out on the brave souls that were fighting the wars. Believe me, those that put on the uniform are the last ones that want to go to war, because they aren’t the ones who sit in the comfort of their homes watching it unfold on television screens – they are the ones who have to go out and fight it.

      Certainly, there have been those in ever generation that have acted in such ways. The difference is that there was a time when these actions were seen as the deplorable deeds of the cowardly, as they are, and not to be justified or even celebrated.

      This kind of justification of the actions of filth is exactly why we are in the situation we are in today. These actions are inexcusable, and your justification of it makes me wonder if you even read the article to completion or just simply commented based upon the title.


      1. Jamie Carter says:

        I didn’t take sides. I’m not justifying anything. Just explaining how they feel their actions are justified doesn’t mean I agree with what they did. One has to understand the root of the problem if they are to deal with it – and that involves how manhood plays into it. Changing the message about manhood (i.e. “being man enough is being brave enough” changes to “being a man means being a builder, a fixer, a restorer, not a destroyer”) might go a long way to helping end vandalism. You shouldn’t be so quick to assume that everyone is either with you or against you on everything.


      2. Yes, your tactic of commentary of eliciting response through “intellectual debate” is one that I am quite familiar with. I assume you are not on my side, and still wonder whether or not you actually read the article, based upon your commentary. I mention the fact that traditionally, manhood was defined as being a good brother, a good husband, a good father…not someone who destroys memorials. And again, manhood has little to do with these incidents, but the overarching theme of this generation of decadence and waste.

        Based upon your writings, I can see what it is that you latch onto in the article, and likely what your thoughts are on manhood. But, as you can see from the article I wrote, if you read it, these are symptoms of a much larger problem. It is the agenda pushed within media that encourages and justifies this behavior, and this behavior will ultimately be the downfall of our civilization, as it promotes chaos and entropy.

        I will not reply again to your commentary as it has little point to the actual article written here, but rather is a quite veiled and futile attempt to blame masculinity for the problems within our society, rather than recognizing that it is the absence of real men that is leading to this decline.


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