Some Commentary on Orlando

Last night I wrote a short note about the tragedy that befell our nation in Orlando early Sunday morning, stating that I didn’t feel that the time was right yet to comment on the event because more information was bound to be released. I still feel that it is far too early to say much about the tragedy itself, as we still don’t have a clear timeline of the events that took place outside and inside of the Pulse club. There are still mixed reports on the actual details of what took place in the firefight before Omar Mateen withdrew into the club, and even fewer details about what took place in the three hours between then and when the police ultimately brought the hostage situation to a close. There is plenty of information I would like to hear come out, like how a man armed with a semiautomatic long rifle and a handgun kills 50 and wounds another 53…how many shots were fired in total between him and the police (hit ratio and hit resulting in death ratio is important in establishing if there indeed must have been a second shooter)…were there bystanders that were shot during the initial shootout between Mateen and police (not bashing the police at all on this, but it would explain the high death count)…if he was strapped with explosives, did they malfunction or why did he not detonate at any point during the standoff, to include when they breached the club and he knew that it was going to go very badly…was there a second shooter or accomplice, as so many of those on the scene have reported…and so on. What is clear is that instead of any interest in the actual details of what went on, this nation has shifted into overdrive of politicizing the event for their favorite cause. In the aftermath of this event, not just social media, but mainstream media has played a key part in this, bolstering debate on gun control, hate crimes legislation, and immigration reform.

Taking the first issue of gun control, I can understand those that have never been around a weapon and their fear of them but I have one question for those that want more restriction or a total ban on firearms: since the events of 11 September, 2001, this country has steadily restricted more and more of the liberties that were protected in those first ten amendments of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights…has that made you anymore safer? I am reminded of the wise words of Benjamin Franklin that “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” While the circumstances were somewhat different in this instance, where police actually were on the scene right away, this is the exception rather than the rule where the average time between a 911 call and police arriving to your home is 10 minutes. That is 10 minutes of time that someone with evil intent has to harm you and your family. It should also be considered that police responding to crimes in progress is a relatively new phenomenon, and that their purpose upon creation was to investigate crimes that had already occurred, and in all actuality they have no obligation to put themselves in harm’s way if the situation is too dangerous. It is time to stop this erosion of our liberties and take responsibility not just for our own safety and that of our families, but of our neighbors and our communities. Reject the voices of those that tell you that you are not to be trusted with a tool by which to secure your own wellbeing. Reject those that would take the ultimate equalizer out of the hands of our daughters, wives, mothers, the disabled, and the elderly, and leave them defenseless against those that wish to do them harm.

On the topic of hate crimes laws and stiffer and more hate crimes legislation, I only have this to say: a crime is a crime. Would this act have been any less heinous if it had been perpetrated against white, heterosexual Christians? Absolutely not. Murder and evil are neither any less nor any viler against any one group than another. What this man did was already illegal. If the case was that it was perfectly legal to go into a gay club and begin shooting people, then we would need more legislation – but more legislation will not deter those that have evil in their minds and murder in their hearts. We don’t need more laws to fix this problem – it is not a legal problem, in my eyes, but a spiritual one. Hate crimes legislation does nothing to fix the root of the problem, but like so much of our post-9/11 world, is a security placebo – made to make people feel better about a situation, but not really addressing the issue. Stop turning to the government as your savior in these situations, demand that they obey the laws already on the books, and take responsibility for yourself while encouraging others to do the same.

While Donald Trump has been demonized in the media for his stance on immigration (and though it is already well documented that I am not a huge Trump supporter, I do agree with him on this position), his position is the only one that aids in reducing the chances of more incidents like this playing out in our cities. For sure, it should be noted that Omar Mateen was a US citizen. But with both the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign wanting to bring in more refugees from the failed Middle Eastern states and untold numbers of illegal immigrants flooding the southern border (and increasing numbers of them being OTM – other than Mexican), how long will it be before another such incident is perpetrated by one of these groups? Border security is an issue that will be pushed front and center following this attack, and we need common sense and no-nonsense solutions to the current problem, not another feel-good security placebo.

Lastly, I want to say this to those “Christian” brethren that have chosen to use this incident as a way to condemn the lifestyle that the victims of this attack lived – these people were someone’s son or daughter, brother or sister. Certainly, homosexuality is a sin, just as is lying, adultery, theft, and murder. Yet we are the faith that believes that a liar, an adulterer, a thief, and even a murderer can be saved and redeemed in the blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And I fully believe that homosexuals can be, as well. Certainly, there are problems with the lifestyle – that is all I will say on that topic here, as there are far better men than me that can explain this to you – but we are to hate the sin and love the sinner, and see that sinner born again, their sins bought by the blood of Jesus Christ. I am ashamed of those that have gone on social media, especially as the families were being notified, to spew hate at the dead and the grieving. While our Lord is a God of justice that will rain down vengeance on those that do harm to His body, He is also a loving God. And He loves all of us.

Just as I said last night, I keep the families of those that lost someone in this tragedy in my prayers, and I ask each of you to do the same.

  • Sgt Tim, Outlaw Patriot News

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