The Obsession with Gun Control


“We have to face the fact that meaningful gun control has to be a part of homeland security,” Johnson said in an interview on “CBS This Morning.” “We need to do something to minimize the opportunity for terrorists to get a gun in this country.”


In case you missed it, the Secretary of Homeland Security (I still get chills each time I read, write, hear, or say those words, as it is right out of Soviet terminology), Jeh Johnson began what I am sure is a circuit of appearances on morning “news” shows to make the pitch that more control is needed in the wake of the tragedy in Orlando. Trying to capitalize yet again on the emotional response of the American people to the brutal slaying of their fellow citizens at the hands of a madman, as well as stoking learned emotional responses to such events as Sandy Hook, the civil and criminal Muslim trial lawyer turned government bureaucrat reminded us of the frustration of King Hussein that he has not yet convinced those bitter clingers of the American heartland to obey his royal edicts and disarm despite his political grandstanding on the corpses of the slain at every opportunity.

I have several questions regarding this latest call for “gun control” to “quell gun violence”, but the first on in my mind is this – in the midst of the Cold War, would we have had a cabinet level secretary that was an open socialist / communist, and if we did, would we seriously have heeded calls from the person to disarm? Because isn’t this essentially the same thing? In a day where we are still fighting the War on Terror, where despite the claims of this administration (regime?) our troops are engaging in combat with a group that calls itself the Islamic State, that wishes to first reinstate the regional caliphate that died when the Ottoman Empire was destroyed, and then move it on to a global caliphate, isn’t it problematic to have THE HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY be a Muslim? I feel like I am taking crazy pills… And yes, yes…I can hear it now…”Not all Muslims are terrorists!” No, but the overwhelming majority of terrorists are Muslim. And with an administration that has a great many Muslim advisors, I think it wise for everyone to take a look at the research of R. J. Rummel on democide. And as you look at the studies, be sure to look at how many of those people slaughtered by their own governments were killed after turning over the means to defend themselves.

King Hussein might be frustrated with my lack of response to his calls for me to disarm, but I can assure you that I am equally, if not more, frustrated with those continual calls for me to put aside my God-given right to defend myself and my family from all those that would wish to do us harm. If the prancing pansy wants us to disarm, let’s see him go first and remove Secret Service details from himself, his family, his friends and advisors, and remove protection from around the White House and the Capitol building. I am not for this, but good leadership demands leading by example and not asking for those that you lead to do something you are not willing to do.

Lastly, I want to address some comments I have heard on talk radio, from the mouths of conservatives, and on social media regarding the purchase of the firearms by Mr. Mateen. Again and again, I heard how Mr. Mateen, a United States citizen, should have been flagged and possibly had his right to keep and bear arms taken from him before his murder spree because he had been investigated twice by the FBI for possible terrorist links. I am absolutely not in support of this sentiment, nor any legislation that restricts the rights of a citizen to firearms based on previous or current investigations nor placement on the “no-fly” list. ALL citizens in this country are innocent until proven guilty. If we make such asinine laws, then a simple tip-off will restrict YOUR ability to own or purchase a firearm. In a country that increasingly calls those that would have the government adhere to the Constitution terrorists or “Yall Qaeda”, it would not be too hard to convince the people that these “Constitutionalists” are a terrorist group that needs to be disarmed. Again, this is a very slippery slope.

No, more gun control will not do anything to deter crimes against minorities, gun crime, or violent crime. Taking away a tool only moves someone with murder in their heart to a different tool. Unfortunately, once a person has murder in their heart, they will murder whether they have a gun or whether they have to do it with a rock. More restrictions on guns only punish law abiding gun owners and serve to make our country less safe – as it furthers the creep in this country down the line to a nation of victims. If and when the day comes that they finally do decide to take our guns away, I can assure you that I will in that day truly be the Outlaw Patriot.

  • Sgt Tim, Outlaw Patriot News

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