By Paul McGuire
August 2, 2016

Some of the recent political convention speeches were a combination of Tony Robbins-inspired motivational techniques and transparent attempts at controlling and manipulating human consciousness, based on political platforms of outrageous lying and psychological manipulation. The political conventions with some exceptions were like virtual reality theatre directed by George Orwell. Nothing is what is seems to be and nothing is real. On the electronic menu of both political parties, false choices were offered up that were nothing more than illusions, and the politicians’ speeches were carefully crafted to appear as one thing, but are in reality completely something else.

All the psychological props and devices were employed to appease the parties’ demographic bases with virtual world candidates who appeared as pop-ups who used words like family, God, born-again, diversity, sustainable, “pro-life, but I don’t vote that way,” environmentalism, and racial identification. And there were promises and appeals to the working class, middle class, and various racial, religious, and gender groups. There was a Marxist candidate who apparently sold out his followers for money and globalist-elite candidates who masqueraded as candidates for the common people. The Joker or wild card in the “holodeck” (a virtual reality facility featured in the Star Trek movies and often used for recreational activities) is the major news media. The corporate media, which is totally controlled by six corporations owned by the global elite, offers nothing more than a “smoke and mirrors” show of endless babbling by inferior actors posing as journalists, who, with rare exceptions, are in reality nothing more than propagandists who offer almost nothing in the way of facts, accountability, and in-depth insights. It’s all the land of make believe like the Wizard of Oz, where we are not allowed to see the truth about the Wizard who hides behind the curtain.

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