Avi Lipkin Live from Kedar, Israel

Jon Robberson and Sgt. Tim (Senior Editor) Outlaw Patriot News


The Garden of Eden, The Cradle of Civilization, The Fertile Crescent, all names for the region where Asia, Africa, and Europe collide. It is where man first appeared and first began to build on this Earth. The Middle East, a blood-stained land, geographic host to the rise and fall of empires and the home of three of the major religions of the world.  Today this region dominates our headlines because of the constant geopolitical turmoil, the vast stores of oil, and the Biblical prophecies, some realized, some yet to manifest.

Tonight, on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report, join Doug, Joe and very special guest, Avi Lipkin, who will present a concise update from Israel, including political commentary and threat assessment regarding the ongoing threat of Islamic extremism and Jihad, as well as the proxy standoff between Russia, Iran and The US in Syria.  How do these dangerous dynamics play out?  Our guest, Avi Lipkin will shed profound insight on these issues.

Old tensions continue in the Middle East between the Jews, Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, and Christians. With approximately 80% of the world’s crude oil reserves, the region has long been of strategic interest to the major states of the world.  With the rise of non-state international terrorist groups like ISIS and al Qaeda, Russia, China, and the United States, together with their allies, are investing enormous resources, both militarily and economically in the events that are playing out in this region and partnering with groups and states to further their own interests there.

In 2014 alone, the United States spent about $14 billion in military and financial aid to states in the Middle East, not counting the blood, sweat and tears of our military who, despite the propagandist mantra of the current administration, are still serving and engaging in various parts of the Middle East. Russia increased its presence in the region by developing partnerships with Iran and strengthening its ongoing alliance with Syria; even conducting anti-ISIS operations alongside the Iranian and Syrian militaries. Although underreported in the United States, China is increasingly moving into the Middle East and aggressively reviving the “Silk Road” through trade and investment in countries in the region.

Avi Lipkin, alias Victor Mordecai, is a graduate of Hebrew University (1973) majoring in Sovietology and Latin American studies.  Mr. Lipkin served in the Israeli Defense Force from February 1972 until January 1973 as part of the Spokesman for the Judea and Samaria Command under Lt. Colonel Rafael Horovitz.  His forty years of expertise gives Mr. Lipkin strong command to address the synopsis.

In 1988 Avi Lipkin worked for three months under Dr. Eliyahu Ben Elissar for the Likud’s victorious election campaign.  Throughout 1989-1990, Avi worked as Senior Editor in the News Department of the Government Press Office as part of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s administration.  In 1991 he studied for three years at the Jewish Theological Seminary as part of the MA program.  Additionally, Avi has appeared on hundreds of media platforms since the early nineties.

Avi Lipkin’s book titles include: Is fanatic Islam a Global Threat? Christian Revival for Israel’s Survival, Islamic Threat Updates Almanac #1, Israel’s Bible Bloc, Islam Prophesied in Genesis and his most recent Islamic Rivalry.

A quick glance at The Jerusalem Post’s lead story today, “Inside the US-led coalition helping destroy ISIS in Mosul” …clearly Iraq and Syria are front page on the worlds’ news feeds.  Avi Lipkin has some answers for listeners tonight!

Russian air assets, alongside Syrian and Iranian forces in Syria, are providing broad air support in operations to defeat the rebel groups that have battled against exiled President Assad’s forces since the Arab Spring of 2011. Russia is in the conflict at the behest of the Assad government in Syria, and seeks to stabilize the country under the current government.  Tonight, we will ask Avi Lipkin to provide listeners with a summary as to how the ongoing Syrian Civil War and the Russian/Iranian and American influence therein affect Israeli national security and foreign policy in the region.

The United States duplicitously funds these rebel groups and demands that the Assad government must go. The US conducted air strikes against ISIS-held locations in the country, but has criticized Russian action because the Russians have also struck US-funded rebel groups. In addition, the US has conducted anti-ISIS operations in Iraq, alongside Iraqi national forces, such as the liberation of the town of Bartella this weekend on the march to Mosul. After liberating of the town, Iraqi national forces constructed a makeshift cross for the town’s church and rang the bells, the first time since 2014.

Avi Lipkin will cover the ancient landscape from Biblical Nineveh, through war-torn Aleppo and into Jerusalem and help all The Hagmann Report listeners to better understand how today’s headlines challenge the Abrahamic Covenant.

With the tensions at an apex between the various factions within the Middle East, outside influences and interests, and a growing threat from groups like ISIS and al Nusra, what is the likely outcome and is it found in Biblical prophecy?

Join us tonight at 7pm EDT on the Global Star Radio Network, Blog Talk Radio or YouTube Live or by simply visitinghttp://www.hagmannandhagmann.com to hear Avi Lipkin address the Remnant Body and educate us on the above headlines, the current political and spiritual climate in Israel, the Syrian Civil War and his new book Islamic Rivalry.


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