For the Sake of a Child…(Special Guest Post by Maria Kneas)


I’m asking you to endure some discomfort for the sake of a child. Please read this slowly and carefully. You might want to read it several times (with some coffee breaks), because this is difficult information to assimilate. However, we cannot afford to blindsided. These children need our prayers. In addition, if enough Christians get stirred up about this, then they can put pressure on the powers that be to put a stop to this criminal abuse of children.

Below is a link to a 31-minute video by Doug Hagmann, who is a friend of mine. He has been a private investigator for 30 years, and before that he was a fireman and then an emergency medical technician. All of these things were ways of trying to help people. Now he is an investigative reporter for and a talk show host, in addition to still being a private investigator.

Doug Hagmann is currently investigating an international pedophile ring that includes kidnapping children and making sex slaves out of them. It also involves drugs, which are often given to the children in order to make them become more cooperative. These children are also forced to do sex acts for porn movies. Sometimes this includes being tortured and murdered for “snuff” porn films.

This pedophile ring is alleged to involve high level politicians of both political parties, including former presidents Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton, and a number of congressmen. It also involves rogue elements of the FBI, CIA, police, and judicial system, as well as the press. In addition, this goes high up in Hollywood and the music industry. One way that the children are used is to blackmail politicians and others who are in power. The children are sexually abused at parties, and everything is secretly videotaped. Then the videos are used to blackmail the perpetrators.

This pedophile ring overlaps with serious occultism, because satanists buy these children in order to use them for satanic ritual sacrifices. That often involves rape and torture. It sometimes involves murder. And it sometimes involves cannibalism.

I have second-hand knowledge of such things because of two friends. One (Donnie) was a satanist before he became a Christian. The other (Ann) is a psychiatric nurse. She used to live in Colorado Springs, which has a lot of satanism. She had a number of patients who were survivors of satanic ritual abuse. (They were raped but not murdered.) As I researched these matters, I asked Donnie and Ann questions. And they always confirmed what I was learning, often adding new information from their own personal experience.

Pizzagate – Pedophilia is What’s on the Menu in Washington D.C.

Pizzagate gets its name from the fact that various foods are used as code words by pedophiles in order to communicate what kinds of children they want to get, and what they want to do to them. This enables them to email people in such a way that most people would be clueless about what they are really saying. It also gets its name from the fact that a pizza restaurant in Washington, DC is connected to some of the key players in this pedophile ring.

Pizzagate is just the latest iteration of a long-term pedophile ring. It was first uncovered as a scandal in Frankland, Nebraska, back in the 1980s. Below is a link to a video titled “Conspiracy of Silence.” (If this link doesn’t work, just search YouTube for the title.) This was produced for television back in 1992, but Congress got wind of it and ordered them not to air the program, and to destroy all copies of it. However, somebody was able to smuggle a pre-production copy of the video to John DeCamp, a Nebraska state senator who was investigating this case. The description for this video has links to a lot of source materials.

One of the victims uses some bad language while being interviewed. As Christians, we prefer to avoid such things. However, it’s worth the inconvenience of listening to some cussing in order to understand what is going on. We have a “need to know” because we cannot afford to be blindsided. If we don’t know, then we cannot help these children. If we understand what is going on, then we can spread the word, write to our congressmen, write letters to the editor, and do other things to put pressure on the establishment to do something about this.

Conspiracy of Silence – Full Banned Documentary (1994)

If you want to have more information about this, then you can get the book “The Franklin Cover-Up” by John DeCamp. It gives an in-depth picture without going into any gory details. You can get the book at

We need to help these children. The Bible says: “If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his works?” (Proverbs 24:10-12)

In his book “When A Nation Forgets God,” Dr. Erwin Lutzer tells about a German church that was close to a railroad track, in the days of Hitler’s reign. On Sunday morning, they could hear a train go by, filled with Jews who were crying out in fear and anguish. That made the Christians in that church feel uncomfortable. So did they pray for those prisoners? No. Instead they kept singing louder and louder, until the sound of the singing drowned out the sounds of the screams.

We cannot afford to do something similar to these children. We know what is going on, and we need to do something to help these children.

In addition, if Christians allow this horrible corruption to fester at the highest levels of power in our government, then we will pay a heavy price for it. Because sooner or later, they will come after the Christians with serious persecution. The press and the entertainment industry are already demonizing us. And so are some elements of the federal government. There are official government documents which say that Evangelical Christians are “potential terrorists.” The German Jews from the 1930s can tell you what that kind of thing can lead to.

Please give this material your prayerful consideration. And please pass it on to others. The mainstream media refuses to cover this story. So we need to get the information out there ourselves.

Maria Kneas is the author of Prepare for Persecution and 8 other Christian books.

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