Pastor Saeed Abedini on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report!

This past Wednesday on the Hagmann Report host Doug Hagmann was joined by special guest, Pastor Saeed Abedini, recently realeased from imprisonment in Iran.  Plan on staying with us for hour three as we welcome the Hagmann Report’s pastor and spiritual mentor, Pastor David Lankford from Voice of Evangelism.

The evening’s broadcast was kicked off at 7:00pm EST, as we do five nights a week on Global Star Radio Network, Blog Talk Radio and YouTube Live.  Please click on the  Hagmann Report to access the program. You may navigate to your choice of platforms from our home base website.

In hour one, Doug Hagmann  summarized the political, cultural and world events that directly affect every American with particular emphasis on how the left is determined to undermine President Elect Trump, what on earth is Pizzagate and how does it tie into the overarching Luciferian agenda, as well as complete analyses of today’s news cycle and how the headlines represent the New World Order agenda.

Hour two, the Hagmann Report was honored to welcome Pastor Saeed Abedini on board to discuss with Doug his unlawful incarceration in Iran, his subsequent release from captivity and what is happening in Iran as the Gospel explodes across the Islamic world.

Finally in hour three Doug was joined (as he is every Wednesday) by Pastor David Lankford of Voice of Evangelism.  Pastor Lankford served the Hagmann Family of listeners and viewers with grounded Biblical context that demonstrates the evil and deception of our time and more importantly how the Remnant Body of Christ are commanded to comport ourselves through the madness.

On behalf of the Hagmann Report Crew, Pastor Abedini, Pastor Lankford please set aside some time this evening to join us for news that is unfiltered, unapologetic and guaranteed to motivate your mind and spirit.  God bless all of you and we will see you this evening at 7:00 pm EST.  Simply click Hagmann Report.


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