From the Hagmann and Hagmann Desk: DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!

The 2 December, 2016 program on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report is not to be missed. Doug and Joe Hagmann hit the accelerator in hour one with bestselling author, Paul McGuire.  Paul McGuire educated and blessed Hagmann listeners and viewers with his unique perspective on the horrific abuse being inflicted on innocent children by the global satanic elite.  Global satanic elite? Yes, you read that correctly.

In hours two and three the Hagmann and Hagmann Report posed this question to Justin Petersis Satan in the sanctuary of America’s churches?

Here’s what you need to know…

In 2014 prolific author, television and radio commentator, Fox News contributor and great friend of the Hagmann Report, Paul McGuire published A Prophecy for the Future of America. From the first millisecond a new reader glances at the dystopian destruction of the United States Capitol on the cover of A Prophecy for the Future of America, it is arrestingly clear that the contents therein are mission critical for the awakened remnant body of believers in America and around the world.  Paul then followed his effort with Mass Awakening and along with co-author, Troy Anderson they released the chilling expose into America’s spiritual decline, The Babylon Code.  In 2016 Paul dropped the hammer of discernment onto America’s future with his recent publication A Prophecy for the Future of America 2016-2017.

As lead investigator, Doug Hagmann, along with investigative partner and son, Joe Hagmann feverishly follow the trails of the most massive global pedophilia ring in
, Paul has been analyzing the root of the evil that ignites such horror.  This evening, Paul McGuire will explain the Luciferian deception that engulfs Hollywood, London and DC and break down how this age-old practice of Satanic witchcraft results in child rape, dismemberment and even cannibalism.   Folks you better pray up your Ephesians 6 Armor before this show.

In hours two and three, the whole team at the Hagmann and Hagmann Report were honored to welcome replacement theology watchman and word/faith bulldog, Justin Peters on board as he layed out exactly how great the infiltration and how deep the deception runs in many of America’s churches today.  Question to our multi-generational Christian audience: if your grandparents walked into your church this Sunday, would they know the lyrics to any of the worship songs?  Or would they rattle the walls with rebukes and start commanding out familiar spirits in the name of Jesus Christ?  If you hesitated for a single second to answer the question, you will want to pray, pay attention and take notes as Justin Peters ministers to all of us.  Hagmann Family of listeners, you are all invited around the Hagmann kitchen table for this show, but bring your Bible, be of sober mind and spirit and above all, remember: fear and faith cannot coexist.  We look forward to visiting with all of you Monday through Friday starting at 7:00pm EST on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

God bless you and stay strong!


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