Debunking the myth of “God given rabbinic Oral Law”

The Orthodox Rabbis claim God gave Moses an “Oral Law” on Mt. Sinai (in addition to the written law), which allegedly grants them absolute power and control.

Israeli-Jewish Eitan Bar & Moti Vaknin took the top rabbinic claims in support of a “God given Oral Law” and completely debunked the lie!

Despite recent death threats, we added English subtitles so non-Israelis may watch as well!

Long, but eye opening!!!

Since I first began to read and study the Old Testament (the Tanakh), I’ve been curious about Judaism. It seems to be practiced quite a bit differently today and, as a Christian, I understand why that is so. Nevertheless, there have been a few, lingering questions about the faith that have persisted in my mind. Mainly, I’ve wondered how the Jews can atone for their sins, both personally and nationally, without the Temple in which to offer the sacrifices that God commanded of them? But I’ve also wanted to know more about the Talmud, who wrote it, and why.

This video answers many of those questions, and then some. It tells of an important event that happened in 30AD which forced the religious leaders to come up with a whole new way of doing things. Forty years later, their Temple was destroyed — for good.

If you’ve ever wondered how modern Judaism compares to the faith that was given to the Nation of Israel by God through Moses on Mt. Sinai, you may find some interesting answers here.




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