Our Mission and Message Will Not Be Silenced

by Jon Robberson

Producer, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report


Editor’s Note: Don’t miss tonight’s Hagmann and Hagmann Report, as the crew will be bringing you very relevant and up the minute news and analysis that you won’t find anywhere else. As you may or may not be aware, this past Friday, outgoing President Obama signed into law a measure that clearly infringes upon the Bill of Rights and the Freedom of the Press. With this new action, the mainstream media will be further empowered from the boardroom echo chambers of far left extremism to label anyone not tied to their corporate overlords as foreign influences upon the American people. Shake off the cobwebs, America, and realize, there is not a storm coming upon this nation, YOU ARE THE STORM. Rise and let these wannabe tyrants know, 1776 was more than just a date, it was an ideal that we as Americans will not let you tear down! – Sgt Tim


The news broke just a few moments ago that beloved screen actress and very prolific screenwriter, Carrie Fisher, is dead.  The retweet notice on my screen is flashing every thirty seconds.

Being a product of the original Star Wars frenzy, like most 70’s kids, Princess Leia stands out in my mind as a righteous rebel.  Her character was always willing to bear any cost to wage war against the Evil Empire.  Whether witnessing the destruction of her home planet or chained to Jabba the Hut, she empowered the underdog through her courage and resolve.

Twitter lights up when a Carrie Fisher or a George Michael dies.  But the same odious platform completely gags Hagmann Report Independent Correspondents, Brittany Pettibone and Tara (Reality Calls).  Granted, neither young lady has been held prisoner by an evil, elephantine lizard.  But their work, nonetheless, strives to accomplish a goal every bit as serious as saving a dying republic, in a galaxy far, far away.

Since Pizzagate broke big after the November 8th woodshed caning of Hildabeast Clinton, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report is committed to providing a platform to three citizen journalists who we believe are exercising discretion and integrity in their pursuit of the truth.

Over the previous four weeks, we provided first hand testimony from the under-thirty liberty movement as to how social media platforms are censoring their investigative findings.  It is real.  And now it has hit home.  The Hagmann and Hagmann Report is officially dealing with censorship of the product that we strive to offer each of you, par excellence.

I repeat: our show, your show, is being messed with by Silicone Valley metro-men who do not like the ugly truth, evident in the Podesta emails and other communiques provided by the massive Wikileaks data dump.  Our vetting, writing, procedures and presentation are in the cross hairs of weenies who serve their bottom line at the expense of child safety and the truth.  These complicit criminals, these thought police, are using the corporate power of the purse to, in the words of upcoming guest, Daniel Listz, “demonetize and defang.”

Hyperbole?  I wish it were.  Here is a list of DHS watch words.  Watch words?!?!

Tonight at 7:00pm EST, senior columnist at Canada Free Press and The Hagmann Report as wells host of the nightly Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Douglas J Hagmann, will discuss the censorship attack being waged on Christian, constitutionalist, media with guests, Pastor Paul Begley and Stan Deyo.

Hours one and two, Doug welcomes return guest and longtime friend back to the Hagmann kitchen table, Pastor Paul Begley.  Pastor Paul’s YouTube ministry is one of the jump-off points for remnant believers who are engaged in the simultaneous mission of secular awareness and informed spiritual growth.

Questions for Doug and Pastor Paul:

  1. What are the inherent responsibilities of programs like the Hagmann Report and Paul Begley’s ministry, in light of the election of President-Elect Donald Trump and the censorship pushback that we are all dealing with?
  2. Is the attack on freedom of speech (and writing) primarily obfuscation to hide crimes such as pedophilia and child trafficking?  Or is it part of a broader Satanic strategy to shut down the Gospel?
  3. Looking forward to 2017, how can programs like Trunews, The Common Sense Show and The Hagmann Report work together to do an end run around the-powers-that-be who currently control the information stream?
  4. Are there Biblical examples that demonstrate one parties fierce determination to defend the defenseless while the power structure protects the guilty?
  5. In what manner can the remnant body band together to support the various platforms around which we all congregate?

These questions will be covered as well as others and with a veteran truth-teller like Pastor Paul Begley, you can rest assured there will be further insight into this issue that we all need to be aware of, mindful of and in prayer over.

Hour three this evening we are joined by Stan Deyo.  Volcanic eruptions.  Earthquakes in Chile.  Tsunami warnings issued in LA.  Bizarre signs in the heavens.  Stan Deyo is our every Tuesday go-to-guy for explanation and analysis of the warning signs screaming from our planet.

Here is the take-away for what is coming your way this evening: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google want to shut us up and shut us down.  To quote Doug from our morning meeting, a few hours ago, “yeah, that ain’t going to happen.”

Gird yourselves, brothers and sisters.  We intend to punch and punch hard.  However, Pizzagate, the “fake news” quick reaction narrative and the Orwellian disgrace that the cyber-info crypt keepers are attempting to foist upon all of us is not going away.  Regrettably, their current shrieks of “shut up” are only the first salvo in a war that is going to get nasty and dangerous.

Ezekiel 33:1-6.  Read it.  Live it.  Your other option is to go and hide, but you wouldn’t be here if that was your plan.



(You can watch the livestream here on YouTube tonight, starting at 7 EST! – Sgt Tim


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