By Coach Dave Daubenmire
December 15, 2016
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Another Republican Sellout

Well the covers just keep being pulled back and more and more RINOS are being exposed. Our eccentric governor John Kasich is the latest one to have his private parts exposed and it is now obvious for everyone to see that he does not possess what is generally required to make a man a man.

John Kasich is a cross-dresser when it comes to “family” values. This week Governor Ka-Sick vetoed the “Heartbeat Bill” which would have protected by law and by love every unborn baby that has a detectable heartbeat. Since scientific evidence shows that a heartbeat develops in a young child somewhere between five and six weeks of gestation this bill would have protected nearly 93% of all unborn children who are currently headed towards the abortionist’s weaponry.

This battle for life was a long five year struggle as pro-life activists, led by pro-life warrior Janet Porter, relentlessly pushed for the legislature to send the bill to the Governor. This week, both the House and the Senate passed and forwarded this landmark legislation to “pro-life” John Ka-Sick for his expected signature.

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