Maintaining A Healthy Perspective In 2017


Jon Robberson

Producer, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report

We are just a few days away from kissing 2016 goodbye.  Will anyone among us shed any crocodile tears to see this one hit the history books?

In fact, if we examine the past four years, there is a definite cyclical pattern to the stuff that causes many of us to become entirely too familiar with our bedroom ceilings at 2:00am.  Consider: the 2012 election, Benghazi, QE, Jade Helm, LaVoy Finicum and the miasma of maybe-could-be possibilities surrounding us since September of 2015.

In hindsight, no single event devolved into a full blown black swan.  But each of the aforementioned could have.  So why didn’t they?

Whereas our representative republic seems to be blessed with divine reprieve, in the form of a Trump Presidency, many nagging questions press the minds of the remnant body as we flip the calendar.

  1.  What is the overall Trump game plan regarding the hiring of establishment types: Reince Priebus, Nikki Haley, Rick Perry and Rex Tillerson?
  2. Did we vote antiestablishment and anti status quo just to get suckered by a globalist bait and switch?
  3. What could Donald Trump possibly have to say to the likes of Henry Kissinger and…
  4. How OLD is Kissinger anyway?
  5. How can we possibly expect the Trump Administration to drain the swamp while concurrently keeping the trains running on time?

Join veteran investigator, Douglas J Hagmann this evening at 7:00pm EST as he welcomes great friend to the Hagmann Report and longtime confidant, Dr Ted Broer, back on board to delve deeper into pre-2017 analysis and further extrapolate last week’s discussion.

At The Hagmann and Hagmann Report we break down complex issues and run them through a battery of tests that challenge each listener on four levels: mental, physical, emotional and, by greater pronunciation, spiritually.  Dr Ted is always a welcome addition to this formula because among many other attributes, he is blessed with the discernment to qualify and quantify the issues of the day through the same criteria.

New listeners and viewers figure out quickly what the veterans already know: that the aforementioned four characteristics of a healthy worldview and problem/solution perspective are symbiotic; they consistently require complementary analysis in order to be fully comprehensible as well as appropriately manageable.  To sum it up quick and dirty, the sooner you realize that the Luciferian global agenda is multi-dimensional chess and not MSM checkers, the further you will be along the path of healthy, God fearing, sustainable life choices.

The first two hours of this evening’s broadcast are carefully designed to train your mind to reach the proper point of proactive analysis and action.  There is a famous cliche from World War Two that goes something like this: you do not tell a US Soldier what to do, you tell him why.  Hang with us from 7:00pm-9:00pm tonight.  Telling you why is our goal.

At 9:00pm EST we are blessed and honored to welcome back to the Hagmann Studio, our official pastor and spiritual mentor, Pastor David Lankford.  Pastor Lankford always presents the brick and mortar context that the complexities of today demand, the Word of God.

If you have followed Pastor Lankford’s teaching for awhile it should leave you astounded that so many American Christians disregard, or at minimum discount, scripture as a collection of dusty stories and arcane metaphor.  Imagine this: the stories in the Bible are equally applicable today.

Join us and stick with us for the full three hours because tonight will not only wound and reward, the talking points on the Hagmann kitchen table will equally educate, antagonize and challenge the intellectually awake and spiritually alert.  And if you are not firmly ensconced within that description, tonight’s program, coupled with a humble prayer, will get you there.

(The Hagmann and Hagmann Report can be viewed via livestream here…Remember to like and subscribe if you enjoy their content! – Sgt Tim)


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