By Coach Dave Daubenmire
January 12, 2017
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I love my wife.

That may sound corny, but I really do love her. Although my bias is obvious I would not hesitate to place her in the top 10% of all over-sixty women in America.

I’m talking about her beauty…her physical attractiveness…not simply the fact that I have grown to love her more with each passing year. Michele is a real head-turner. Without the benefit of plastic surgery, Botox, or heavy make-up, she is just a petite, sweet, attractive little package of love.

I tell her that regularly. It matters to her that her husband of 37 years appreciates all she does to keep herself looking attractive. I never pressured her into staying thin…or keeping her hair attractive…or looking sharp when we go out together. She just does it. I often tell her I would love her no matter how she looked…but her beauty sure makes it a lot easier.

She knows I am kidding. But she also knows that there is truth in humor.

Read the rest of this great article here!


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