Divide Nation, Culture and Apologetics

“All is lost…the American project is dead”–unless a civic “Great Awakening” takes place among the “hollow elite” to put into practice the founding principles”, so says Harvard political scientist Charles Murray in his book Coming Apart:The State of White America 1960-2010. Published in 2012, it shows that the diverging economic and social values that characterized our country historically have been either abandoned or forsaken causing our nation to become deeply divided and polarized. This division has found its culmination in the recent election and continues before our eyes as the mindless protest continue to be fomented by some paid radicals who wish to divide the nation even further. The question that never seems to be raised is what exactly are we divided about… race, religion, social structure, wealth, sex? Is there something deeper we are failing to grasp as those in the media try to drive the narrative of division rather than look for things that would heal this division?

What Murray’s research shows is, Americans have abandoned four principles that are foundational to America’s success and this has become more evident with the lower class which traditionally held these values. Those four founding principles are–honesty, industry, marriage and religion. These shared “virtues” were once widely held and they provided a cultural foundation that continued to sustain our nation regardless of our differences. What seems to be dividing us is we no longer have a common group of shared values. As Dr. Peter Jones observed in his book The Other Worldview …exposing Christianity’s greatest threat “The public interest or the common good are meaningless unless we have a common measure, an agreed-on principle of justice and a concept of human flourishing…we need convictions about moral truth and we no longer have them”. Our nation has abandoned religion (natural law as a basis for our laws), redefined marriage to make it nearly meaningless, forsaken industry (hard work) for laziness, greed and narcissism and watched those in leadership continue to lie and mislead the public on almost every issue. The press and academics who 40 years ago held those in government accountable now continues to promote the same lies. The culture is morally adrift as God our Creator is forsaken. As John Adams noted “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” So now what? What are we to make of this election and what can be done to turn this division around?

I was a Trump supporter from day one. Knowing that our culture was being lost, I was looking for someone who was willing to take on the media, upset the academia, unnerve the political establishment, push back against moral relativism and speak some common sense back into the culture. We needed a “cultural battering ram” to break down the gates of political correctness and stop the slide into this “socialist communism” portrayed as some kind of progressive enlightened movement. What was needed was someone to open the gates and allow the fresh air of Western civilization to blow back in and to reassert those foundational principles that made our country great. Do I believe Trump is the man to lead some kind of spiritual “Great Awakening” Murray wrote about? No, he is merely the vessel God used to stop the encroachment of cultural decline, a system reboot. It is the church who must come out of the world and make the case that our country is founded on there being a Creator and it is He who is the giver of our rights and sets the moral standards of behavior, not the state or mankind. Unless this happens America will no longer be the beacon of freedom. How did the divide begin? (My wife was walking into a store where the LGBT was asking people if they believed in gay rights. She called me and asked how I would answer them seeing that if you said “no”you would be labeled a bigot and if you said “yes” you would be acknowledging they had special rights and a morally acceptable lifestyle. I told her ask them “Where do rights come from? God or man? If they come from God obey Him and if they come from man they are arbitrary and just one man’s opinion.” Needless to say they had no response.)

The divide began when those in our country worked to eliminate the Christian influence within country. Without it’s influence the foundation began to crumble and a new society began to take shape. The new society would “make man a god, join opposites, reject the moral order of good and evil and dismiss the objective reality of created human nature” according to Dr. Peter Jones. The new society would not tolerate those of the Christian faith. The theistic twoism, God and everything else, which is essential to Western civilization is under attack by Oneism, which sees all as one. If all is one, we are god and we decide right from wrong, moral and immoral, and the state decides what is acceptable and what isn’t. Here is the divide…anarchy which wishes to untether itself from God and produce an earthly utopia apart from the God of the Bible. No rules, no laws, no morality, no authority, total freedom to do as one pleases…sounds like the devil is a foot. (Anarchy can be seen in this simple true example. My professor was in France and saw a gentleman selling a newspaper called Anarchy Today for 2 francs. He went over and grabbed a copy and proceeded to walk away where upon the anarchist yelled “that will be 2 francs.” My professor kept walking and said, “that’s anarchy in action” and kept walking.)

The Apostle Paul must have been in awe as he stepped off the ship and walked into the city of Rome and saw all the pagan influences that had overcome that culture. What could he possibly say that would begin to undo the pagan influences that dominated the culture and how could the gospel resonate with the pagan mind? It would take years to succeed but it happened as one by one minds were changed and souls were turned back to their Creator. The power of the gospel lived out is what changed the world and continues to do it today. The gospel is “good news” because there is bad news awaiting those who ignore God and His gift of eternal life. Paul reminds us in Romans that the “wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth” (Romans1:18). Mankind will all face judgement one day regardless of whether they believe God exist or not. All is not “One” it is “Two”.

Divided nation? Sure, but not the way the media narrates it. They don’t have a clue because most of them deny the supernatural. As citizens, who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, how should we act to regain our culture and glorify God? Dr. Peter Jones states, “we now should respond to divine mercy by doing the good works God has prepared for us. We celebrate God’s good works of creation by our acts of sacrificial kindness and mercy, by taking social responsibility and contributing to cultural excellence.” We become beacons of light in a dark world. His challenge to us is two fold. One, witnessing to the world that the world is “Two” not “One”. God became man to testify to the world what is truth…Jesus is truth incarnate. Two, “we must ask God to show us how to speak truth faithfully and courageously in the difficult times ahead”. Want to win back the culture…look to the one who created it.


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