From the Desk of Sgt Tim: Polarization Breaking Point


By Sgt Tim

Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

Contributor, The Hagmann Report


There is power in words. The ancients knew it…anyone that has studied any of the various occult systems knows that many of their teachings centers around not just the incantation of words popularized in cartoons and TV, but in the writing of words, especially on objects such as stone that would stand the test of time. In the Norse system of magic, the power was achieved through the writing of words in runes and the drawing of elaborate symbols that channeled the energy from the spirit world into the physical world. In some systems of Qabbalah, each letter has power and the arrangement of those letters draws the power into the medium on which the letters are written.

In addition, the spoken word has power, as I referenced above, not just through incantation, but names have power. The ancients believed that many of the demons and devils, and even the deities (which in my belief, they were one and the same) they worshipped, had names that they were to be called by and then they had “true” names and the knowledge of the “true” name would give you power over that entity. Because I know that words have power, this is why you will never hear or see me write the name of the enemy of our Lord, and our enemy, because to do so draws his attention to you. And yes, I know that we have been given the power to tread over our enemies, but just because I can call in an airstrike and drop a 500lb bomb on the heads of my enemies doesn’t mean I am going to broadcast on his channels, to use military logic. Because there is power in words.

(I just want to point out that I studied the occult in a time when I was lost and searching, but having found my Savior, I do not any longer. There is wisdom to be seen there, but it is a dangerous road and that wisdom can be found in the Lord without harming your soul.)

This morning, as a gunman opened fire on members of the Republican party as they practiced for an annual baseball game against the Democrats, we saw the power of words brought into the flesh in the physical world. And it goes far beyond what most people are talking about with the hate and vitriol being spouted by some leadership of the left. The words used are at the heart of a system of programming that has been running since at least 1991 and has been quite effective in the run-up to almost every war we have gotten into since that time.

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  1. R.M. says:

    this will not let me sign up for e-mails…keeps saying page cannot be reached – so will try it this way

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    1. Sgt Tim says:

      Hmmm… I will look into it. Thanks for letting me know!


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